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User Info: deroxaandgrey

8 years ago#1
uh, i missing one area in this and ive looked everywhere...and i mean tht. does somebody know where a list of the locations or can smbdy list them all...probly not.
thnx for all answrs...=D

User Info: Kentrodon86

8 years ago#2
There are a couple hard-to-find points that I can think of. One is on the very edge of the beach peninsula and is called...... something beach. The other is hidden behind the island that has the cabin on it after you find all 80. It is called Diving Spot. (It might be behind the island next to the one with the cabin, i'm not entirely sure.) I hope this helps!
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User Info: ffemt2016

8 years ago#3
Check out youtube. That's what I did and made sure I got every one.
Here's the video:
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