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User Info: DeadFrank

7 years ago#1
Weird thing seems to have happened, I started the game, synced my stats, then started a replay mission. I finished it and returned to what I thought was the main game but my wallet which had been at about $2.9 million (mainly from drug trading) was at $0.

Am I missing something or does your money just get reset when you do a replay mission (it was the first one I'd tried). I'm not that bothered since I've already got to 100% but it would be nice to get it back if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

User Info: light_rock_zz

7 years ago#2
The following occurs due to the sequence of actions done, to my knowledge:

1. You replayed the first mission by "Wu" Kenny Lee, Yu Jian.
2. You ran through the whole mission successfully, but...
3. When the mission is about to terminate (After all that introduction to your safehouse), you went inside your safehouse, and then later came out.
4. Therefore, when you exit, the mission will terminate, and you return to normal play, realizing that you have $0 and no drugs left in your stash box.

So, the next time you replay Yu Jian, don't go inside your safehouse at the end of the mission and you should be okay.

User Info: DeadFrank

7 years ago#3
Thanks for the tip.

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