Cops suck at life

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User Info: Laffytaffy777

7 years ago#1
Ever notice that the criminals are so much better at killing?

Seriously. Cops unload 2 shots in a random direction at you and then run. SWAT shoots a burst of like 4 or 5, and so do FIB. Random direction, and running.

Now, the retarded. He doesn't go auto. He shoots two round bursts, and they are VERY inaccurate (about 1 in 5 shots hit from 3 cars' distance away). And if you've got low health, he goes for a BUST...instead of finishing you off.

The only things you really have to be worried about are the police boats (kills FAST), Helis (Annoying as whatever), and Tanks (1-hit kill w/o double health+Armor)

The Gangsters on the street are better than any of the police infantry.
Or is this a glitch or something?

Also, is it just me or do cops go for the bust every single time your health is down, instead of finishing you off?
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User Info: engraphos

7 years ago#2

...most of the time i did a "good job"...blowing myself with cars in ha...the police is happy:lol:

User Info: DruciferBriggs

7 years ago#3
I never had any problem with the cops in Chinatown Wars. An annoyance, yes but a challenge, far from it.

My first time playing the game I think I was only ever busted twice and neither occured during a mission they happened once I was done a mission and I was just free roaming. I do like the new wanted system though even if it makes the game a bit easier because you actually have a chance at evading the cops. In other GTA games you were pretty much fighting for your life

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