Still surprised at the presence of real world drugs

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  3. Still surprised at the presence of real world drugs

User Info: DruciferBriggs

7 years ago#1
I am still surprised that Nintendo allowed Chinatown wars to be released on a Nintendo console with the inclusion of real world drugs. I mean it isn't a huge deal over all but it just surprises me that Nintendo is alright with that.

In any event I think the drug trades are one of my favorite things about the game. When bored it is always fun to go check out a drug dealers stash and try to profit off it.

User Info: SaxMyster

7 years ago#2
I appealed to a mod and when he came near the username was Cnash and he had lice in his hair. - Darth Snake

User Info: Raiko101

7 years ago#3
Well just because Nintendo don't include such things in their games, doesn't mean they wont tolerate it on their system. Not many games out there have such content really anyways. Those that do tend to be GTA clones anyways.

User Info: DruciferBriggs

7 years ago#4
I understand that the ESRB Rating is there for a reason but coming from someone who has been gaming for around 30 years it is strange to see Nintendo change their stance. When I was younger you would never find course language, sexual content, and huge amounts of violence. I remember the time when Nintendo went out of their way to make sure violence (for instance Mortal Kombat) wasn't on their system so the games had to be toned down.

In other words the DS is the last system I expected to be doing major drug trades on. And the weird thing is this is one of my favorite DS games. ;)

User Info: B_st_rdZero

7 years ago#5
Yeah for us old timers it was kind of a shock. It's funny because you probably could have gotten away with doing this on a Nintendo system even five years ago, but this is the first one to go ahead and do it.
"Wow SARCASM! I'm REAL impressed! I guess you have never heard that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit." - Blitz470

User Info: shaigan2119

7 years ago#6
the Nintendo DS today is the most sell out system they beat psp playstation 3 x-box360 you name it and GTA serie is like a final fantasy game those title sell a lot of game and that why my friend you see Nintendo whit GTA game on there system they see the $$$ and want more of it because there in a 3 way battle vs microsoft which they are never going to go banckrup and sony which they have a lot of sony product to make $$$
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  3. Still surprised at the presence of real world drugs

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