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LonerwolfM posted...
I have to respectfully disagree with this. I did a playthru with a Male City Elf Rogue and went and got Sten while My Warden was still at a low level 6. In doing that when he hit level 7 and I upgraded him I was able to choose a specialization for him. Then again when he hit level 14 the 2nd specialization popped. I wouldnt do it again as it wasn't worth the skipping things in order to do it in my opinion but it IS possible if you do.

The problem is you usually get Sten at level 7 or higher so his points are already spent and the specialization chance is lost.

In order to accomplish it you must be low enough that the experience of leting Sten out of the cage <either by key or lockpick> does NOT push your Warden over level 6. If it does push you to level 7 then he AI assigns Sten those points and the chance is lost.

Unless the game has been patched/fixed since I last played it, no, that's incorrect.

Sten never gets a specialization at level 7, and you doing a low-level run gimping yourself just to recruit him below that level will not change that. This is a common complaint about the character.

The game never automatically assigns/deletes specialization points just because you recruited the companion late. If that were the case, we'd be seeing just as many complaints about Oghren missing a specialization point just because you recruited him after level 14, due to his location in Orzammar usually pushing his recruitment to a very late point. No such complaint exists since the mechanics don't allow it in the first place.

There are lots of documentation and pre-existing complaints about Sten missing a specialization point and there are even mods made to specifically address and correct this fault of his. If you want to 'respectfully disagree', then provide proof, like screenshots, videos, whatever, since there is absolutely nothing that supports your argument, which goes against what is a well-established fault of the game.
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User Info: LonerwolfM

1 month ago#12
Perhaps it was a glitch and if that is the case I stand corrected. All I can say is that I have 1 game save where Sten joined my party was a lvl 6. Once he hit level 7 he had the option to choose a specialization. It is the only save file that Sten has 2 specialization points that I have. Now if it was a glitch that would explain why it only happened the once in all of my playthru's.

The points I was mentioning are the auto levels the Ai gives the character depending when you recruit them. Example IF you recruit Oghren his stregnth is lower than if you wait and recruit him at a higher level.

Again I thank you for the information

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