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User Info: razasharp20

9 years ago#1

I gotta say after playing Mass Effect i was pretty excited to play another bioware game. One of the big thing with Mass Effect for me was the character creation tools were so fleible, I could really make a charcter i felt was an in-game reflection of me to a degree. I am black and I make black characters when I can. I was dissapointed to find out that they had put in a chracter creation screen that did not allow me to create a black characetr, the closest I could shade my character was like a tan, hispanic hue. Then upon getting into the game i saw no black characters at all in the game world. This just irratated me, so I took the game back. You may say well the game is story driven, but i say if it is the just make 4 pre-determined chasracters, with story.Throw out the character creator altogether. Fallout 3 and Mass Effect were great, I loved Fallouts adjusting your father's traits for the ones you input of yourself. I just wish games would consider diversity more in pre-production.

User Info: dokukaeru

9 years ago#2
lol...go back and check the creator again....because IT DOES have black/dark skin tones.
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User Info: spartansjase

9 years ago#3
troll and this is a game based in an ancient time, probably in a place like Europe....
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User Info: VanishingSkill

9 years ago#4
1. The darkest skin tone is Black. I have never seen a non-African American in my life with skin that dark.

2. There are not a lot of dark skin toned people in Ferelden, much as there weren't a lot of dark skin toned people in medieval Europe.
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User Info: TiruasXBL

9 years ago#5

well... one of the things i love about playing a ROLEPLAYING game is the ability to play someone other than a digital clone of myself...

there's not a thing about me that's feminine in the slightest, but i really enjoy RPGing female characters,

i question your motives at returning a game simply for lack of black characters... i didn't see any asians or hispanics either

but, i don't hear you complaining about that...

maybe you should try playing the game based on its merits, not whether its black or white?

just my 2 cents

User Info: carlsjos

9 years ago#6
Sten is a darker skin color than most characters and he is black in the commercial, so it's safe to assume that he is suppose to be in the game.

User Info: Johnny727

9 years ago#7
The theme of the game is more Nordic medieval and that is why there aren't any black NPC's.
But I still agree, that is still no excuse.
But I hadn't realized there were no black NPC's before you mentioned it.

User Info: GameProXtreme

9 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: razasharp20

9 years ago#9

the darkest you can be in this game isn't dark at all, I tried. it also looked like there weren't many Black characters in the game world. The darkest hue I saw looked like Mexican. I think if you flipped it and the lightest character you could make came out looking like Enrique iglesias then maybe you would understand =)~ . Not mad about just want more diversity

User Info: bnx_live

9 years ago#10
To everybody that says it does have black/brown skin tones, NO IT DOES NOT. We shouldn't have to tinker heavily to get a skin color that maybe sort of looks like it might be brown when adjusting our TV setting and then looking at it from the corner of our eye. Mass Effect had a brown skin color, as do all other Bioware RPGs. This does not.

Sure we can spennd HOURS making our characters KIND OF look like they have brown skin, but personally, I'd rather spend those HOURS in game and not in the character creator.

Dear Topic Creator, sure you're disappointed. I was very, very disappointed as a very, very loyal Bioware fan. But after only a few hours of gameplay, you'll get over it. Trust me. I did and I'm sure every other black, Mexican, and other brown skinned players have as well. Seriously, it's a great game. I promise you'll get over the fact. Just think of it as every other game where blacks are not a minority, they're non-existant.

And to everyone saying that it takes place in a world that doesn't have black people, you're missing the point entirely. Hopefully, I'm not just speaking for myself, but I don't think we're all asking for black NPCs. What we want is just for our characters to resemble us that way when we look upon him on the screen we can think of that as our self. I don't mind being the only black character in Ferelden. It wasn't until High School after moving around that I stopped being the only black kid in the class (or in some cases, the school). I just want my character to be me when it's a male and there's a character creation tool. When I make female characters, they're always white with redhead because that's what I like, but I like to think of my male characters as me and I like to at least see that reflected in the skin color because I know the tools aren't advanced enough to make the character really look at me.
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