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User Info: SyntheticFrost

3 years ago#1
Hey all,

So, I've beaten this game several times since it's original release. I have most of the game memorized, and have seen most all off the different possible outcomes.

I know most of the DA:O community is tired of seeing threads like this but I'm starting a new game and want to try to do a Nightmare run and min/max absolutely everything from perfect skill point placement to my idea choices for the "perfect run".

Having played the game through multiple times, I'm well aware of the more general suggestions, like "Mages are overpowered", etc, and I've read all the guides for spell and ability choices, but what the FAQ guides don't really seem to cover is exact attribute and stat point placements.

I'm aware I get some permanent boosts from the Circle of Magi mission, so I don't want to put points into a stat I don't have to.

I'm aware that the absolute best party would be a tank and three mages. However in order to have a "perfect" run and open all the locked chests and pickpocket items,I need to make one concession to "the perfect party", and have my PC be a rogue. So I'll be making a dex/cunning Rogue Archer for my PC, and just use Wynne and Morrigan as my two mages, with Alistair being the tank.

As I said, I have a pretty firm idea of how I want my game to play out. I'd just like advice on the perfect stat allocation for each party member.

User Info: Distant_Rainbow

3 years ago#2
Something like put everything into Dex and Cun while only investing enough in Str to hit something like 38 or 40-ish after factoring in any bonus stats you get from your equipment(to be able to equip every single thing you come across, maybe ignore this advice if you're just going to use only daggers for the whole game), I guess.

For Warriors, everything into Str and Dex, more emphasis on the former.

For Mages, everything into Mag.

Possibly you might appreciate a few points in Will for all three classes, but then again that might not be proper min-maxing.
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User Info: Arknight75

3 years ago#3
Put nothing in Str, enough Dex to equip stuff and everything else into Cun if you’re doing Lethality. For Str required gear just use Str bonus gear then unequip atter.

If you have DLCs, best party is always Wynne, Alistair and Leliana(boosted by DLC gear). Leliana will be your main DPS as a rapid firing, crit based archer with ‘chest-opening’ utility( so you don’t have to waste points).
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