Balhen or Harrowmont?

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User Info: Pang Tong

Pang Tong
8 years ago#11
I'm always Balhen, son.

Sorry, couldn't resist...

I prefer Bhelen. Even when I'm a Dwarf Noble. He is simply better.
Nothing is impossible to a man of strong will - Chu Yuan-chang

User Info: Pirateking2000

8 years ago#12
Im trying to make this decision atm. Being human I am kinda neutral bout the whole dwarf political battle thing and was seeing if I could find something to see who was better (Town Criers don't cut it)

I went to both of their representatives and from that I was slightly leaning to Harrowmont's side(Balhen's home and representative kinda sent out a "This guy is messed up" vibe especially how when you say lemme think about it and the representative is all WE DON'T LIKE THAT Gaghagka better make that choice soon or else!")

Then I decided hey maybe I can dig up some dirt on these guys, maybe see if harrowmont forged the letter or if Balhen really poisoned his father or whatever. Didn't find anything at Balhen's place but I found a letter from the previous king at Harrowmont's place talking about his exiled son etc (essentially saying Balhen is an ass)

That and all the town criers are all "Balhen is a very bad man! blah blah blah than again there are some minor negative ones concerning Harrowmont)

Judging from other info in this topic (haven't played dwarf origin or beaten game completely yet) apparently it goes

Balhen: Stronger leader but a Tyrant and whiny (wants what he wants?)
Harrowmont: Weaker leader but not a Tyrant

How to interpret this..not sure..I mean strong leadership is good (which can be a plus for Balhen) but than can be directed negatively and that "Strong Leader" will just make everyone else suffer. Wyyne talks about the ideas of kings/leadership and when you bring up something along the lines of "But a lot of recent leaders are tyrants" she responds with "And everyone suffers for it." Heck for all we know making Balhen king will just bring up more trouble. What if he chooses to deny the Wardens help in the future or decides to invade (or something like that)

Harrowmont being a weak leader doesn't help either: The people will go nuts blah blah things not getting done right blah blah. Yeah stuff like that

Depending on how things play out (possibly in expansion) I could see it as would you rather deal with (A. A bunch of pissed off dwarves with weak leadership that could probably be replaced) or (B. Deal with a tyrant that you will most likely have to kill which in turn will bring about more rage from the dwarves which you will have to deal with THANNNN pick a new person to lead)

^ Any opinions on this

Ughh...politics can suck =(
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User Info: frustratedguy10

8 years ago#13
Bhelen is a backstabbing bastard and everyone knows it. Harrowmont is a backstabbing bastard because all dwarf nobles are backstabbing bastards. From cutscenes and such, we can see that Bhelen is a jerk. As for Harrowmont, all we can see is an even-tempered man who seems to be personally honorable, although with a firm belief in the status quo.

In almost all my games, I've supported Bhelen because I knew he turns out to be a better king. The exception is my game as a Dwarf Noble. I felt really conflicted, because I knew that Harrowmont was a horrible king. But as Bhelen's betrayed brother, I just couldn't make myself support him.

User Info: Pang Tong

Pang Tong
8 years ago#14

Playing as Dwarf Noble that lives... elect Harrowmont yourself and become his heir.

Everyone else should choose Bhelen. Many great leaders were ruthless in their rise to power. Bhelen shows himself to be brilliant and capable.

1. He centralizes leadership, which is a good move. We all witnessed the Assembly and how all of Orzzamar comes to a stand still because of it.

2. He gives the Casteless more rights and a chance at a better life.

3. He eases trade with the surface and forges a stronger tie with those above.

I could list more but it is late and I am tired, lol.

Regardless... these all increase the strength of Orzzamar and benefit society as a whole. He is truly a case of, "Do the ends justify the means?" In this case... they do. Not to mention he was acting entirely within the norms of his society.
Nothing is impossible to a man of strong will - Chu Yuan-chang
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