How are Battle Scores Calculated?

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User Info: knightblazer85

5 months ago#1
Title says it all

last night i started into the titan trials.

things went well for the first set.

then when i did the second set i decided to speed up the process with some modded gear from my save editor by jacking up my str and mag to 1,000,000 (and nobody say anything. i only figured out how to do it last night and decided to test it)

anyway when i got to mission 46 last night and with my modded gear and 3 ultimate weapons. the target time got cut down to 22 seconds so i couldnt get the 5 star score i wanted (for the trophy)

but then i reloaded my save and refought the mark with less modded gear that only bumped my str and mag up by 9,999 and i managed to get the 5 star

but that still begs the question.

what factors affect the end of battle score?

User Info: tiornys

5 months ago#2
From the game mechanics guide:

Battle Rank is calculated between 0 and 5 stars based on the score you receive
at the end of the battle. The score itself is calculated in the following

Score = {[(Target Time) - (Battle Duration)] x (Points per second)} + 10,000

| Rank | Score | TP Recovery | Rare Drop % | Shroud Drop Rate |
| 5 Stars | 13,000 and up | 8x | 5x | Normal |
| 4 Stars | 12,000 - 12,999 | 3x | 3x | Normal |
| 3 Stars | 9,000 - 11,999 | Normal | Normal | Normal |
| 2 Stars | 8,000 - 8,999 | Half | None | 2x |
| 1 Star | 7,000 - 7,999 | 1/4th | None | 4x |
| 0 Stars | 0 - 6,999 | 1/8th | None | 8x |

Target Time
Target Time is the amount of time necessary to achieve a score of 10,000.
Defeating the enemy faster will result in a higher score while taking
more time will result in a lower score.

Target Time = [(Enemy Strength) / (Party Member Strength)] + 8

Target Time has a max limit of 10 hours and a minimum of 12 seconds for
the first enemy and 4 seconds for each additional enemy. The Gold Watch
accessory, if equipped on a character who did not die in battle, will
multiply the Target Time by 1.1

Enemy Strength
Enemy Strength is calculated as the following:

[(HP at the start of Battle) x (enemy level)] / 16

This value is calculated for each enemy and then all of the values
are taken as a sum to obtain "Enemy Strength". In the case that the
enemy's level is above 50, it is calculated as (Enemy Level - 50).

Party Member Strength
Party Member Strength is calculated as the following:

[(Attack power x ATB Level) / (3.5 + ATB Level)]

Where "attack power" is the highest value between either magic attack
or physical attack. This value is calculated for each party member and
then all of the values are taken as a sum to obtain "Party Member

Battle Duration
Battle duration is simply the amount of time spent in battle. Any extra time
spent during a preemptive strike animation or a summon animation is not

Points per second
Points per second = [(10,000) / (Target Time)]

The US version renamed Battle Rate to "Points per second."

Preempt Bonus
In the case of a preemptive strike, the final score will be multiplied by 1.2

The FAQ also has an example calculation and some further discussion.

User Info: knightblazer85

5 months ago#3

altho its kind of a moot point now.

i got the achievements for getting a 5 star on all 64 cieth missions and for a 5 star on the fight with the final boss

now all i'm missing is the loremaster acheivement (I activated the enemy intel hack on my save editor without realising the consequences)

but now that i've cleared the game again. that can wait for another playthru and i'll find something else to occupy me during my week off work
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