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User Info: knightblazer85

8 months ago#1
I'm in the titan trials at the minute doing missions

i tried doing mission 42

but my target time even with a gold watch is getting SLASHED to 13 seconds

i've got ultimate weapons on the party
super ribbons
and kaiser knuckles and magisterial crests on the team of hope, fang and light

what the HELL is going on?

User Info: tiornys

8 months ago#2
Target time is based on enemy level, starting enemy HP, party ATB segments, and the higher of each party member's Strength or Magic. Higher values on the enemy parameters give higher target times*, and higher values on the party parameters give lower target times.

13 second target time suggests that you should be able to win in seconds. Replace some of the accessories with Sprint Shoes and Morale. Also lose all the +Magic, because Borgbears resist Magic. If that's not with, try using weaker weapons.

*: enemy levels above 50 have 50 subtracted before the target time calculation

User Info: knightblazer85

8 months ago#3
sorry it was mission 46 i was having trouble with not 42

i figured the stats were an issue after i took off the super modded gear i was using and used something more reasonable (and dont say anything. the titan trials were the first time i'd used them. i only figured out how to mod gear with the save editor to boost stats today)

that drop in target time had my head in a spin.

i was thinking to myself that the only viable way to use modded accessories with 999,999 atk and mag is to be using a genji glove along with it to break the damage limit and slaughter the enemy

so does that mean we dont get penalised for using the ultimate weapons?

User Info: coconut_cola

7 months ago#4
Hi. I know it's been 2 weeks since you posted this, so I have no idea how far you have progressed. Yes, the target time gets slashed depending on how high your party's Strength/ Magic is. If I heard right, it only takes the higher stat, so for example, only Fang's Str stat is considered.

Here's a couple of strategies I would recommend:
-Use a Deceptisol, and try to finish the battle quickly
-Use a SYN as party leader, and use the best buffs on your COM; I personally like to play as Hope or Sazh, and buff the heck out of Fang. I don't remember M46, but try to work around the enemies' elemental weakness, if any
-Try to reduce the amount of Str/ Mag your party has; as long as your party can buff appropriately and still Stagger the enemies, you should still do fine

Ultimate weapons do penalize the target time, because of their high stats, but they do provide an extra ATB bar, so it charges a bit faster. The only factor that does NOT affect target time is HP. When you have high HP, you can typically stand up to attacks better, both reducing the chance you need to heal, and increasing the effect of Curasa/ Curaja.

Hopefully, this wasn't too long of an answer for you, and hopefully this helps. :)

Edit: Oops! Looks you got a 5-star on all missions. I was too late! D: Well, I'll just go back to replaying this game.

User Info: knightblazer85

7 months ago#5
no problem

mission 46 is a titan trial against a wyvern monster. it was a pain in the ass to do. but i managed it after a few tried with lower attack power.

now i'm only 1 achievement away from having everything

and the 1 i'm missing has to wait until my next playthru

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