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User Info: BlackSwordsaman

1 year ago#1
ok we get it you don't like 13 but why do some people go through the utmost extreme to belittle the fans of the game and trilogy? it's like they really just want to make you look like the scum of the earth for enjoying the game.
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User Info: BrianJ_64

1 year ago#2
99% of the people that scream the game is uberbad are the people that only played through chapter 1/2, and the people that heard from the people that played those 2 chapters that the game is bad. Hell even i thought the game was bad the first few chapters, nothing to do. It really is better to give features fast, like the paradigms should've been available from the start of the game :/ The game really starts to become fun at Chapter 10/11!
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User Info: Thrasher7170

1 year ago#3
The point of not having the paradigm system in chapter 1 was to set up the "average, ordinary people become f***ing badass after being branded" concept.
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User Info: otakutwin

1 year ago#4
I didn't hate the game much, I do however feel that much of the content was not story related and could be done after or before the end. I mean if you stuck straight to the story than I feel the game was probably shorter than many think. Still worth playing. Some of the characters needed to die though....bad character design.
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