I <3 Lightning!

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User Info: RockrrGirrl19

1 year ago#1
Replaying this game now, after 6 years. I've forgotten most things about this game except Lightning.

I don't think I would have enjoyed this game at all if it weren't for her. She's my favorite character of all FF games ever, second place held by Auron.

Great game, nice graphics and battle mode is ok. The camera and controlls in the "overworld" is quite bad though.

User Info: tiornys

1 year ago#2
Lightning is cool, although I'm not sure if she's my favorite character from this game. I like the combination of speed, strength, balance, and acrobatic skills that she shows off in the cutscenes.

User Info: mbslim

1 year ago#3
Man people came back to this game....i never finished it.. Before losing my data a year ago or two i was barely at gran pulse now im 67 hours 38 min in and beat the story and just beat mission 51 i still has a ways to go..
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