Want the Growth Egg Early? Here's How! (minimal spoilers)

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User Info: AgentNoun

8 years ago#1
This has been coming up a lot lately--maybe now is when most players are hitting Chapter 11 or something. There have been other topics about this, and I don't claim to have researched this information for myself, but I've compiled it here for easy access.

Here's the deal:

What is the Growth Egg?
This marvelous accessory doubles the CP you receive from battles. It works for all characters, so you only need one, which is nice, because you can only get one.

When Can I Get the Growth Egg?
The earliest you can get the Growth Egg is the end of Chapter 11. You need to have Stage 9 of the Crystarium unlocked, which occurs after the Chapter 11 end boss, and you need to do Mission 14, to unlock chocobos.

Be aware that doing the mission to get the Growth Egg takes some patience if you wish to do it early. The rewards, however, are very much worth the effort.

Getting the Mission, and Getting To the Mission
1. Get Mission 55. This is found on top of the garden building in Oerba. It should be the first building you can actually enter. Go up to the roof, and the Cie'th stone will be there.

2. Before going on, ensure that Vanille has learned the spell Death, available on Stage 9 of her Saboteur role. She should also be equipped with the Malboro Wand, the upgraded form of the Belladonna Wand; this will allow her a much greater chance of success when casting Death.

3. Teleport to the Archylte Steppe and follow the mission marker on your map. You will need to ride a chocobo to access your destination.

Pre-Battle Setup
1. You will be fighting a Neochu, an extremely powerful enemy, and several Picochus, who have devastating physical attacks for your level and have a nasty habit of interrupting your actions by ganging up on you.

2. Use either Vanille, Fang, and Hope or Vanille, Snow, and Hope. Either Fang or Snow will work, as the only role this character needs to use is Sentinel.

3. Set up the following Paradigms: Attrition (Sab/Sen/Med), Entourage (Rav/Sen/Med), and Combat Clinic (Med/Sen/Med). This means that Fang/Snow will never leave the Sentinel role, and Hope will never leave the Medic role. Set Attrition as your starting Paradigm.

4. If Vanille has fewer than 6000 HP, equip her with every Royal Armlet, Imperial Armlet, Black Belt, or General's Belt you have. This will make her much more likely to survive the Neochu's initial attack.

5. Use a Fortisol and an Aegisol immediately before initiating the battle.

The Battle
1. Your Sentinel should immediately attract the attention of the Picochus and hunker down for the long haul. He or she will be taking a lot of hits, but with Hope constantly healing, the Sentinel should be able to survive and mostly take the brunt of the damage, saving Vanille and Hope from interruption.

2. As Vanille, immediately begin casting Death on the Neochu, and do not stop until it is dead. If it uses Screech, it will kill you, but simply Retry and keep on going. It will work eventually. Be patient.

3. Once the Neochu is dead, you're just about home free. Shift to Entourage. Vanille should begin casting Firaga repeatedly. This will clear out the Picochus... eventually. This will take several minutes, but to be safe, keep Fang/Snow as a Sentinel and keep Hope as a Medic. Don't get overconfident, and don't get impatient. Just keep casting Firaga.

4. If all goes well, the battle shouldn't take longer than six minutes, which is plenty fast to get a five-star rating, and chances are, Vanille and Hope barely got scratched.

Enjoy your Growth Egg!
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User Info: FearfulBlaze

8 years ago#2
great guide, should help those in need
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User Info: voldothegr8

8 years ago#3
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User Info: LevantineX

8 years ago#4
bump, great guide, thanks.

User Info: Hextator

8 years ago#5
Does it make a difference if I max my Malboro Wand?

User Info: lunareklipse

8 years ago#6
tag as well, sounds like its doable
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User Info: KamuiDiamond

8 years ago#7
"Does it make a difference if I max my Malboro Wand?"

Yes. A maxed out wand makes your Death spell more likely to land.

User Info: CallistoEx

8 years ago#8
Today I did this expecting to put at least an hour into trying, death worked first cast, I nearly died haha!

User Info: AgentNoun

8 years ago#9
I've found that I've had a higher success rate with Death with higher magic, so yes, maxing the Malboro Wand is helpful, as it gives Vanille more magic. Role Levels are good, too, but you're stuck at Role Level 4 for that, and there isn't anything you can do to boost that.

You can help the chances of Death landing by debuffing the enemy beforehand, but it's not really worth it in this case, as you have a strict time limit (not much over a minute) before the Neochu decides to Screech and kill your whole party in one go. It's better to just spam Death and Retry if it doesn't work before Screech happens.
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User Info: Invellix

8 years ago#10
i just got to chapter 11 and my characters have like 1000-2000 hp each...
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