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User Info: greendayfreakrc

10 years ago#1
Okay this can be done when you get too the Archytte Steppe.
The area of the leveling place is called "Western Benchland" on the map.
This can be done when you reach Chapter 11.
This can be done as soon as you gain access to this place. It's the giant "World Map" of FF13. It's on Grand Pulse.
There's two battles you have to fight. I can finish both battles and walking to the next battle in one minute. Sometimes 1.5 minutes. This is obviously still good. Do the math. 60 minutes = 372,000CP.

I use Lightning, Snow, Fang. I have Accessories on that boost Str. I have weapons on them that have high STR.

Have all three in Commando and all with blitz learned.

I control Lightning. I use blitz with her twice. I then recall the last option(Go to ability and hold right and it redoes your last action) I do this till the group is dead. Fang and snow usually use blitz also and the group dies quick.

Obviously you can use your own party but this is the best IMO.

Watch out Rangda have a strong Aero spell and they can summon a strong monster. Kill one quickly if he tries to summon. Uusually they all die way before they summon.
Screen Shot 1 shows the world map of Archytte Steppe. I circled the area of the map you have to go too.

Screen Shot 2 shows where the two battle are you have to fight. You will see the monsters there.

Screen Shot 3 is a picture of the monsters you have to initiate with at Fight 1.
There's 5 Rangda(Tough battle if you werent kinda leveled getting here, but should be easily doable) 3,700 CP is awarded and some items.

ScreenShot 4 is a picture of the monsters you have to initiate with at Fight 2.
It's a few weak Chickens and a Randga. 2,500 CP is awarded.

Go to Fight 1 and beat them walk to Fight 2 and beat them. Walk back to Fight 1 and they will have respawned! Cha Ching!

Finish both fights in 1-2 minutes and you have 6,200CP and probably a few items also. Put on Collectors item to recieve more items.

When you first arrive on grand pulse and start doing missions you will realise there is a ton of hard monsters to fight. You can do this leveling as soon as you arrive there. I maxed out the Crystal grid for all of my chartacters in under two hours.

Enjoy. Ask if you have any questions.

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User Info: G1243

10 years ago#2
Didn't read it all, but for you to have maxed out all chracters Crystarium in under 2 hours, means you were already very close to maxing them out.

For the Saboteur role for Hope, which is not a innate role, it takes over a million CP from zero to the last node, and every character has 3 non-innate roles.
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User Info: Bakato

10 years ago#3
He most likely meant for the innate roles. Also if your doing this as soon as you get there your crystal level is not maxed so the top tiers which are obviously the most expensive are still locked so he likely did not get those either yet.

User Info: greendayfreakrc

10 years ago#4
1. I'm talking about for how much of the grid is available when you first arrive there.
Not the end of the game. This is used for when you first arrive here.
2. No i did not have tons of it maxed out. I never leveled at all in this game until i reached this spot.
3. No way in hell anyone has all of the grid maxed out when you first arrive on Grand Pulse so this is excellent for everyone.
4. The other grids just opened up for everyone in the ruins before arriving here so you should have none of them leveed. Using this can get such as Vanille or someone else with all of their rolls mastered in around 2 hours.
Xbox live gamer tag: T0wndog
PSN: Town-Dog

User Info: XImperialDragon

10 years ago#5

I'm only on chapter 4 now, but I'm so trying this when I get to 11.
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User Info: LordBlackMoon

10 years ago#6
I've mentioned this to people several times on this board, but it's only good for when you just arrive to Gran Pulse. After you beat the game, it's just not good enough... although you can beat this battle in under 10 seconds once you're powerful enough =P

User Info: pistachio2888

10 years ago#7
there is a spot to lvl in ch 4 when u go up the elevator and fight 6 monsters. they give 156cp a fight and all u have to do is ride the elevator back, and they respawn and in about 15 minutes, had 2356cp which maxed out there crystals for that chapter.

User Info: greendayfreakrc

10 years ago#8
Bump this board moves fast. I have 700,000+ unused CP for each person right now from doing this here and there today. That's with all of their grids maxed out as far as they can go at this point in the story.

I would take a video of me doing it, but i'm way to lazy. The Screen shots explain themselves.
Xbox live gamer tag: T0wndog
PSN: Town-Dog

User Info: lostsoul1312

10 years ago#9
tag, cieth mission keeps killing me, i tried paradigm switching, i dont wanna use sentinel because ittl take too long, id rather train a little bit

ceith mission only killing me because i didnt level up vanilles medic role... which is obviously stupid but it took me a while to figure out she had caraga/ja there
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User Info: JTfire

10 years ago#10
what sort of stats did u have when u first went there i cant kill em that fast that aeroga messes me up
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