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User Info: CasperJames

6 years ago#61
The following 7 colas give you upto 1270 health and 815 power on use. Each cola also gives you a 30 minute boost in one stat.

1. Bulldozer Soder - +24 dom for 30 minutes
2. All Natural Soder - +148 health for 30 minutes
3. Nitro Soder - +66 might for 30 minutes
4. Energy Soder - +99 power for 30 minutes
5. Flex Soder - +65 precision for 30 minutes
6. Nutri Soder - +83 restoration for 30 minutes
7. Vitamin Soder - +38 vitilization for 30 minutes

This next one gives you upto 1450 health and 892 power on use.

1. Flex Soder MKII - +96 precision for 30 minutes

Soder Prime - upto 1450 health and 892 power on use

Soder Max - upto 1718 health and 1057 power on use

User Info: lilvonn23

6 years ago#62
You can also get fe4' s from salvaging to but low chance I heard it goes by the item cr on which fe you will get.

I currently have
Nutri 1
Nutri 3 174 restoration
Flex 4 169 precision

And troll vita plans 1s 2s
Rest 1 2 3
Might n prec 1 3 and others
PSN lilvonn23
Dcuo healer troll cr82 cr 74 AvatarOfNature Green Rasta

User Info: betamax66

6 years ago#63
very poor sticky. Outdated since a week after exobytes came out.

User Info: ozzy63

5 years ago#64
I have read this and understand what each is, what I am having trouble with is when I click on 8 of the blue exobits, how do I get them to change to 1 exobyte??? it doesn't seem to be working

User Info: 4squarefighter

5 years ago#65
You have to go to an R&D workstation and scroll down to Fortified Exobyte, select with X, then press Square to craft.
HardLight Assasin-Hero USPS3 - CR100 165SP
1544 Precision, 2652 Might, 4620 Effective Restoration
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