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User Info: Wiiman741

9 years ago#1
With Update 8 came the addition of Research and Development. At first it may seem a little confusing so I put together a little guide to explain different parts of it and how to overall improve your equipment.

3 Types of Items:

1) Exobit/bytes
Exobits are the basic item you can get from collecting the rainbow white bubbles in Metropolis, Gotham and Central City(Lightning Strikes DLC Only). They will appear randomly around the map just like Collection pieces.

4 Types of Exobits:
Super-Speed(White, Central City only)

Exobytes are what you get when you combine 8 of one type of Exobit. So 8 Aggressive Exobits = 1 Aggressive Exobyte Combined with Miscellaneous R&D Material, you use these to make attachments for your equipment.

2) Miscellaneous R&D Material
In addition to Exobytes, you need these types of items to make attachments. These include things like "Simple Material". The easiest way to get these are to purchase them from the Researcher next to the crafting stations.

A great way to get the misc items you need, simply turn in your old or useless green, blue and purple items at the crafting station to get a random misc item. This also works with items you have already equipped and is an option for old gear.

3) Plans
Plans are the blueprints or recipes needed to make that specific attachment part. You get plans by either buying them from the Researcher next to the crafting table, buying them from the shop in Central City(Lightning Strikes DLC) or by obtaining them from instances.(I got one from the T.O. morrow instance in Gotham)

After you "use" the plan, the recipe is automatically added to your list in the crafting table. There you will see what Exobytes and Misc Materials are needed and what bonuses you get from that specific attachment. I suggest looking at the plans first to see which types of Exobytes you should focus on collection. You will also see what "color" it is.

The highest type of plan available for purchase right now are the "Type 1"s, that cost approx. $3000 AND 25 Marks Of Triumph

Also, remember to check your armor, it will say what type "socket " it has. This does not mean you can only equip that certain color to that piece, but IF you equip THAT SPECIFIC color attachment to that specific piece of armor, you get the bonuses listed.

Hope this explains things for some of you and if you have any further questions please let me know.

Also, if you found this helpful try requesting it as a sticky by clicking "Message Detail"
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User Info: Songi

9 years ago#2
Requesting sticky so we don't see these questions pop up every 5 minutes.
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User Info: Ozric67

9 years ago#3
dumb question alert!!! how do you request a sticky?
Skip to the end....

User Info: GodsHamster

9 years ago#4
Definitely a sticky needed on this.
Appreciated the info
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User Info: Songi

9 years ago#5
Ozric67 posted...
dumb question alert!!! how do you request a sticky?

He mentioned how to do it in his post but you click on "message detail" on his post and scroll all the way down and "request sticky." Pretty simple huh?
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User Info: tomo012

9 years ago#7
There are green exobytes too.

User Info: iTPCi

9 years ago#8
ARC boss Batcave Outer: Level 2 vit & prec

list the kind and where u got ur plans

User Info: SoCiaLSTiGMa

9 years ago#9
Health and Precision Alpha - Chinatown Cafe
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User Info: Masteraliber44

9 years ago#10
sorry for noob question but how exactly do you salvage?
ive come up to the R&D station several times with armor pieces in my inventory but when i went to the salvage section it gave me no options, it just said that i cant salvage yet.
Can anyone tell me what the problem is? It cant be leveling since my toon is 30.

thanks in advance.
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