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User Info: Kedar_15

4 years ago#121
4squarefighter posted...
1. Damage role is what you start as. If you accidentally switched, pressing up on the d-pad and selecting "switch role" will toggle your role. Your role is indicated by the symbol in the top left corner. Flame is DPS, spiral is Controller, heart is healer, and shield is tank.

2. They just took the styles they've found or bought in game and put together a custom outfit that looks close. There are no true copy cat styles in the game based exactly off of iconic characters, but you can take the many styles in the game and mix and match to make something close.

Thanks for telling me about the damage role and the outfits.

User Info: Potiondeluxe

2 years ago#122
How can I equipped a emblem for my villain?I'm level 20 now.

User Info: rosebudlaa

1 year ago#123
I have lost my equipment and it says go to ta safe house to get it back. Where are safe houses and how do I get it back from the safe house? I am level 9
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