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User Info: EZE1981

7 years ago#1
Since i see a lot of "New to the game ...." threads i have decided to write a little guide to help get all new players up and running.

Please note that everything i write should be seen as a mere suggestion. You are free to play ( see what i did there ? ) the game in any way you like.
But since i leveled 6 and geared 2 characters over almost 9 month in this game i think i have at least some usefull pointers for all you newbies.

If i made a mistake ( it happens on rare occasions ^^ ) feel free to point that out. If you disagree with some of my views feel free to keep it to yourself. ( write your own damn guide ^^ ) If i left out something please feel free to contribute.

1. Character creation.

The things you should really keep in mind while creating your first character will be Gender, Body Type, Super Power, Movement Type, Stance, Mentor and Name. Because you cannot change them later on. Please take a minute and make sure youre happy to roll as a midget acrobat sorcerer named Captain Cruel Runnings who works for Lex Luther. That might be funny at first but ive seen so many people crying about the decisions they made early in the game later on. The rest is pretty much straightforward. Feel free to be creative. Since the game does not much to explain anything i will mention that Fire and Ice will grant you the Tank role ( the big guy who will take most of the damage in a group while the others punish the opponents ) , Sorcery and Nature the Healing role ( you will Heal the rest of the group keeping them alive ) and Light, Mental and Gadgets the Controller role ( you will weaken enemies, buffing allies and restoring power/mana to the group ). You will be able to play as DPS ( Damage dealer ) with all powersets.
Just keep that in mind while making your choices since this will become elemental during end game content.
During the Leveling phase of the game you should stick to the damage roll. It does not matter wich weapon style you choose since you will be able to change those after the first few levels to your leisure.

2. Getting Started

After the tutorial mission you will start at one of the faction bases ( nightclubs or police stations ). Depending on your mentor you will start in a different part of either Metropolis or Gotham.
Inside each hideout is a booster gold tour kiosk. Those will provide you with sight seeing tours and will reward you, upon completion, with a nice amount of experience points and are one of the first sources of rings and neck items.
Grab a few new armor pieces or a new weapon and follow the first quest which will lead you outside into the great wide yonder called DCUO. ( take that shakesbear.....hmmmm beer )
Outside of the base you should see at least one or two purple circles glowing. Those are races or speed challenges. I would urge you to do as many as you can. The first couple are very easy. You should be able to platinum or gold them wich will get you lots of XP and for the platinum ones even an unique emblem style item ( plus a trophy for the first platinum ).


User Info: EZE1981

7 years ago#2
Follow your first quest line to your first instance ( those are the dungeons with mostly iconic boss battles at the end ). The biggest mistake most new players make with these ,at least in my experience, is that they complete them once, grab their rewards and move on to the next questline.
With the exception of Bane in Cape Carmine every Iconic ( story ark ending ) boss drops at least 4 rare ( Blue ) items and most of them even have an Epic ( Purple ) drop on top of that.
Those items are easily the best items you will get your hands on during leveling from 1 to 30.
My suggestion would be to rerun every instance 6 to 8 times. You should be able to pick up at least 4 different rare items while doing so. And you should have a decent shot at those epic drops too.
Plus you will get some uncommon ( green ) drops from random enemies and chests. Not to mention some XP, money and combat training against bosses. And most of them rare items have rare styles to.
If you keep doing this for the rest of the game you should not have too much trouble playing through every story ark; including some rather nasty ones near the end. Granted, this takes time but the game is free and it can save you a lot of trouble and frustration.

3. Some random pointers
- Don’t level and quest in the PVP phase.

- I recommend spending some skill points in the breakout mastery skill in the movement tree as well as the fast travel skills. ( supersonic flight etc. )

- Don’t invest skill points into end game skills like dominance or restoration during leveling. Aim for Critical Hit Chance& Damage or Might ups. Those benefit the DPS role the most. You can and should respec all this once you start to play endgame content.

- At level 22 you should make you first respec. Get the 6 powers you want for your DPS loadout and invest the rest in passive iconic powers ( 10% more critical damage etc .)

- Buy a PVP weapon at level 14 and 24 at the midtown base vendors. These weapons should be better than any PVE weapon you will get in shops or for quests and from loot. ( I have absolutely no idea why they sell Rare and Epic PVP weapons but not PVE )

- Don’t run around in PVP gear while doing PVE stuff. Toughness does nothing to protect you from AI controlled enemies. You will need Defense for that.

- PVP doesn’t really make sense until LV30 since you will only screw yourself out of a lot of Marks of Conquest if you do a lot of PVP before that. ( MoC will give you those nifty 77,9 DPS weapons and T3 PVP gear )

- If you are starting end game content do challenges until your renown with one faction reaches the first level up. ( around 1500 points ). Now go and buy this factions unique T0,5 Blue faction gear. Each piece costs 1 Mark of Triumph ( 8 in total ) and it comes with surprisingly good stats. This gear should get you through any Challenge and Duo.

- Don’t waste money on most of the Challenge or Duo epics. You will be doing these so often you will get each of those a couple of times. ( kind of outdated since the economy went haywire )

- Always do your vault and the Daily Duo and possibly the daily T1 Alert.

- Try to get a rare 77.9 damage weapon for cheap in the AH.

- Try and buy the expensive Tier parts first.

That should get you started. Feel free to contribute.

User Info: pimpmoney718

7 years ago#3
good tips.

lvl 11 and don't know most your talking about but good read

User Info: kermitgonepsyco

7 years ago#4
this answered so many of my newb questions! Thanks!

User Info: Ish_basic

7 years ago#5
just to add, if you can't afford a 77.9 weapon in the AH, you can always try your luck at chest running through khandaq. The chest drops 77.9 weapons and armor decent enough to last you until you can afford Tier 1 pieces. There is always a chest accessible on the rooftop areas or near the very end of the map, and you can easily fly, glide, or run to it without encountering any enemies. Just jump in through the portal located in the magic wing of your HQ. The chest restocks once a week on the raid reset.

User Info: shaolinpunk

7 years ago#6

From: EZE1981
into the great wide yonder called DCUO. ( take that shakesbear.....hmmmm beer )

Not sure if serious

User Info: i_liek_mudkips

7 years ago#7
>calls topic a guide
>'now these are just mere suggestions'

*walks out*

User Info: EZE1981

7 years ago#8
Dont let the door hit you in the back. ^^

User Info: EZE1981

7 years ago#9
Yes, the Kandaq treasure chest. ^^ Once you hit LVL 30 you can start doing raids.
Those are very difficult 8 player instances that shouldn’t be tackled alone.

You can however, once a week, loot the treasure chest of the Kandaq raid without fighting a single opponent and you can do so alone so no need to share.

Just enter the Kandaq teleporter in the magic wings of either the watchtower or the hall of doom.
Once in Kandaq immediately climb the wall in the first corridor ( were the merchant and the teleporter are located ) so that you reach the rooftops.

The chest should be located in one of the old tents on top of the rooftops, in the old tent east of the palast ( in the stretch of desert ) or in one of the corners of the palast courtyard.

With the exception of the first zone ( and there only on the ground, hence the quick ascension onto the rooftops ; ) the whole level should be void of enemies. So feel free to explore and collect some of those er.. collections and player/mission briefings.

If by any chance you cannot find the chest, simply leave and relog or come back later. The chest should switch its location at random.

There is some great loot in this chest including 77,9 DPS weaponry and some awesome armor. It gets reset once a week so don’t forget to w**** Kandaq as its known with me and my friends.^^

User Info: shoot2scre

7 years ago#10
Thanks for the tips.
"Fighting those that fight crime since 2009."
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