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User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
7 years ago#1
I'm not as technical as many here maybe.... I knew this game was a large download. I have a 80 gig drive and had very little downloads or games on my system. The first thing I get trying to download this game is that I don't have enough space to do it....huh?

I got rid of one racing game and it seemed to do the trick. Still I also have an 360 and that with games like Rockband 3 w/ extra songs added, truly does have a reason to be low on hard drive space. My PS3 that is 20 gigs larger had only MLB11, Tekken, Dragon Age, Tiger Wood Golf, UFC, Street fighter, House of the Dead, Sports Champions, High Valocity Bowling all which I play off the disc. The only downloads I have are Hustle Kings, Planet Mini Golf....

Having become aware there was a problem, I made one other download. After DC Online I was down to 12 gigs (huh?). I loaded Tumble which is like 3000 mega-bite...thats mega bites. I watched my memory go down to 9000 killabites...huh again?

Can someone tell me whats gong on here? Why downloading a game that is 3000mb would take down 11 gigs of memory?...and then bounce back up to 10 gig? And why again does 300 mb translate into 2 gigs of memory used?

This game is what brought this issue up for me. I had assumed I was pretty safe with 80 gigs considering how little I had. BTW I also am on PS Home if that makes a difference.

User Info: IHeartJessAlba

7 years ago#2
The game itself is somewhere between 14GB and 18GB in size. From what I can tell, the initial download from the store is more of a launcher than the actual game.

One thing you should look at is whether or not you've installed any games from the disc. Those installs are usually 1-3GBs per game, and can easily be deleted. Many people assume that whatever size a game says it is is all the memory it uses, when there's also save game data, settings data, player data, and disc install data.

Game saves and settings shouldn't be larger than a MB or two, usually in the KB size range. But again, look in all of your folders under the Game tab, and try and find out what's eating your memory. Most disc based games install data to your HDD to load faster. So even if you haven't played a game in a year, you could have 1 or 2 GBs being eaten up by a disc you used once.

Other than that, I have no clue...
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User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
7 years ago#3
Thanks for the input IheartJessAlba *(HmmmI like Jessica Alba too).....

Last night I went home and checked the memory usage on some of these games, and to be really honest I was quite shocked. Other than Dragons Age, most of the games made for other systems as well, somehow had kept their sizes down. While games exclusive to the PS3 were really pretty lax and sloppy IMO with memory usage. My High Velocity Bowling (the disc game not the dl version) used about a gig and a half...huh? Its a bowling game f\or crying out loud. Even my Tiger woods and Top Spin games used less.

And then there was modernization racer (forget the name of the game at the moment but it was Sonys Mario cart type racer).... that thing uses over 3 gigs. Give me a break... seriously.

Hey, I;m not a 360 fan boy over Sony. I don't really care about the system, and use Sony for lots of other games. I did not actually download any of these games I had from disc onto my hard drive.

My 360 does have 4 such games like that, and my Rockband 3 has nearly 200 songs also. Besides those I have Beyond Good and Evil, and about 5 downloaded games there. Then add to that about 20 games logged in and being actively used. There is a reason I can justify why my 360 is down to 16 gigs from 60. I can;t say that for my PS3 though.

It is disappointing. But then maybe there is a lot of hidden usage for thing like the blue ray, or the constant upgrades, or the "Move" system. I was going to get Killzone3 or Resistance 3, but now because of the memory issues I;m running into on rather minor games....I just don't want to deal with that.

As for the beast that brought this all up...Not really that thrilled with DC Universe. Kind of bland and basic stuff IMO. I'll milk it for what I can for a few days more though. Jury still out until I see more what it can do. But what a great opening movie. I wish they just canned the game and made a whole full length movie like that.

I'm getting Skyrim, obviously in the 360. What I hear is that game downloaded onto the hard-drive will use about 2.5 or 3 gigs., which considering how massive this game is, would be unbelievably great. They asked the game developer how they did that and they responded that a lot of game designers/developers just don't know how to design these kind of things as well as Bethesda know how to. Maybe Sony needs to talk to these guys. It really doesn't matter if your hard drive is ten time larger if your games are using 20 time as much space to do the same damn thing..... Thought I'd never be making a complaint like this, but there it is.

User Info: kylehow

7 years ago#4
Haha, "I don't have anything on my machine", "Oh, except these 20 games", "Oh, I also have PS Home and god knows what downloaded for that as well".

Check your dashboard. You can account for all but about half a gig just by looking through game data, saves, etc. PS Home as I recall had an initial install of 4GB and got bigger progressively as you downloaded more junk. Ever rent a game? Heavy Rain is probably sitting on about 4GB if you ever rented it, even if you only played it for a minute. Lots of PS3 games are like that. I seem to remember LBP and LBP 2 consuming about a gig or two each just in temporary game data (not counting saves).

The difference between PS3 and Xbox are those 20 minute "Installing" wait times every time you put a new game in. PS3 games use an arbitrary amount of hard drive space just to get you to the select screen.

I know, I gamefly a lot and I constantly struggle with drive space on my PS3.
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