How do I unlock more wings & where?

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User Info: BledAngelShadow

7 years ago#11
not sure what you get if you are a good guy though lol
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User Info: Corpse_Kid

7 years ago#12
According to the following links, if you collect all of the "survival of the fittest" briefings (both episode 1 and 2) you will receive "hawk wings." Here are the links:

Hope this helps.

User Info: Bamm64

7 years ago#13
Thnx very much.
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User Info: Vethem

7 years ago#14
Ya he beat me to telling you where to find it lol. That site is great for briefings and such, but I prefer the wiki one better because it tells you what reward you get for what briefing without having to click on each individual briefing link. Didn't know villains got them from a bounty because I've only played heroes. Also I wouldn't get to excited about hawk wings, they don't look as much like hawkmans wings as they do just a slightly bigger version of small bird wings, I was disappointed when I actually got the wings. If you want huge wings then get the mech tech wings, they don't flap but the are frikin huge. You get them for completing the full dying light briefing, episode 1 is in historic district and episode 2 is in south part of downtown. Also if you complete survival of the fittest to get the wings, you'll get the gadgeteer back which is an old style jet pack, its one of my favs.

User Info: swtchuck72

7 years ago#15
hawkman/hawkgirl bounty is only available 2 vils. u can pick it up at the midtown nightclub in met. the hawks appear around old star labs, which is 2 the east of the nightclub

User Info: Mysticwarriormj

7 years ago#16
Vethem posted...
There are two wings from briefings, mechanical tech wings and hawk wings. Mechanical tech wings are huge and don't flap, hawk wings are just a slightly bigger version of the normal small bird wings. Divine wings are from a collection, if you need I can find out which collection, and they look alot like the hero pvp wings archangel I think is the name. There are two more wings and they are from raids, called rapture and wild fury. There are no wings that drop from duos or alerts as far as I can remember. There is the shielded robot, but I wouldn't call this wings. I've done alot of research for collections, briefings, and styles, so far these are the only wings I've seen or read about. Hope this helps.

I don't know about wild fury but Rapture is a Healer only set so you won't be getting those wings unless you are doing a healer collection.
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  3. How do I unlock more wings & where?

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