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User Info: Angel52799

10 years ago#1
Ever since latest update there have been issues with game acting wierd, way less enemies in areas, but low lvl enemies doing 300+ dmg with one attack and so on. After psn got back up today I've had some serious issues with being able to get onto DC, tried rebooting system and so on but nothing have helped. PSN is working great, but keep giving me error message when I try to log into DCUO.
Am I the only one who is having this issue, or is there others out there that are experiencing the same problems?


10 years ago#2
i'm having the same problem dude, keep gettin the error message when i try to log in, and when it's ingame i can't get into any legends pvps or find any pre-occupied heroes/villains..... =(
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User Info: GodsHamster

10 years ago#3
I had same problem 36 mins ago. I just re-tried........now I need to wait 2 hours to download 1.5 meg..........yep 1.5 meg. After 37 mins I have 1.247 MB to go. and I have a 16meg connection.....plus the exchange is 100 metres down the road.
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