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User Info: Lanex

8 years ago#1
For everyone whos having long wait times, or getting error messages ( unable to download game assets ), just quit game and retry until it works or try again later. It will begin where it finished off when you quit. There are thousands trying to download all at the same time and the servers are backed up. Many in my league who all live in different parts of NA are having the SAME problem. So there is no need for 500 posts all complaining about the download issues. So for everyone panicking and testing every setting on their ps3 and router just have some patience, or just restart when it gets stuck.

TL:DR - Restart system or wait until later.
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User Info: Lanex

8 years ago#2
Took 6 restarts, but finally finished =)

See everyone in game!
MH Tri - Lanex HR 119
PSN MrLahey84

User Info: perfectlykawaii

8 years ago#3
This made me chuckle.
Kudos to you x3
I began to shake my head at the amazing number of complaint threads.
but im waiting mine out for the time being
mine has re-started 3 times now
and my boyfriends 4
kinda sucks, but thats why im here x.x
Yah, im an actual GIRL gamer.
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User Info: BledAngelShadow

8 years ago#4
I bet some dude bricked his router trying to figure out why this patch wasn't dling right... and right now, he is reading this message at the library :D
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User Info: Digital-Daemon

8 years ago#5
Firstyl, I am glad the TC wrote thousands, and not millions like some slightly over excited fanboys have been screaming.

Secondly, do you not just hate girl gamers that bring other girl gamers into disrepute by advertising the fact they are a girl gamer in stupid places like message board signatures and stuff?

I swear, it is so attention whoreish that 95% of female gamers have the EXACT same line of "Yes I am a girl" somewhere in their profiles. Get over it, even some men have boobs.
[GT: Mason Cain]

User Info: tomo012

8 years ago#6
even some men have boobs.

And based on the rantish post of yours, you must be one of them. And probably a virgin too. lol

If you can't understand why a girl would acknowledge that she is one in her sig then that's just sad and pathetic. So way to miss the point?
You think you know, but you don't know anything at all.

User Info: RJCarson

8 years ago#7
You actually forgot 1st solution


User Info: perfectlykawaii

8 years ago#8
lol @ RJ
and it looks like my bfs game might actually finish this time -knocks on wood-

& the only reason i mentioned im an actual girl in my sig is cause most people dont believe me :/
but thats besides the point.
Yah, im an actual GIRL gamer.
PSN: PureImperfection

User Info: clamzoopa

8 years ago#9
So, is there a patch today? (I'm kidding, in case it wasn't obvious enough)

Sorry Tomo, gotta disagree*. I don't care if a gamer is a girl or a guy, but to advertise it is to look for recognition. Ok, you're a girl. I know you're not the only one. I didn't really ask, so why are you telling me? Do you want a treat?

*Then again, I'm very cynical when it comes to girls (more specifically college-aged ones). Oh, you wear leggings with no pants tucked into Ugg boots? How original. Kind of like those over-sized sunglasses with white frames. Oh you wear what you wore to bed out into public? How classy. Yeah, I'm off-topic, but who cares, there's 19 of these topics, gotta make one interesting.
Well done is better than well said.

User Info: cameojoe84

8 years ago#10
Now now. We all know that there are no such things a female gamers. Has Playstation Home taught us nothing?
PS id cameojoe84
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