Sorcery Summoning?

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User Info: Edge_9999

6 years ago#1
So I just started playing DC Universe Online yesterday, and I chose to be a Villain Sorcery type with super speed under Circe (cuz she's fine lol). I have been using a bow, and it has been working pretty okay. I'm not sure yet If I am going to be a full out healer or dps but I leaning more towards healer.

I have been only putting points into Destiny and I have not touched Summoning because I heard It's not so good in this game. But those posts were from a long time ago so I'm not sure if they fixed it yet.

Right now I have:
Shared Fate

I have one skill point to spend but haven't spent it yet.

Any up to date advice? Should I go through summoning?

I heard Sorcery can be good for DPS too.

User Info: kotorkid95

6 years ago#2
Dont worry about it. You can respecialize later to better fit your playing style. Summoning is essential for any healer though- especially the watcher.
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User Info: GaMeTiMeOvEr

6 years ago#3
Get the pet! They work now and scale with your CR.
He will help you lvling by taking the attention off you freeing you to fight.

User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#4
summons are pretty good now that they level with your cr
HOWEVER, I personally have trouble with using ranged weapons with summons, as the summons tend to only attack when your in close combat.
that said, on my "new" (post patch) sorcery guy, i only have the guardian, and it would be feasible that it covers you in melee, the fury bombards from range, and the watcher heals you.

all that said, theres now basically no reason NOT to get at least the guardian, since another guy covering you with stuns at close range cant be a bad thing.
similarly, theres no real reason not to use the watcher as healer, and the fury USED to be pretty pointless, but might attack more than once every 10 mins now lol

so yeh, summoning is suprisingly good after the last patch.
it's not like other mmorpgs where your whole job is to stay back and provide direction, but it IS pretty handy to have more backup (also, a funny trick from pre patch: put a circle of protection in healing role, with a watcher, and then smash a life crystal...yeh, your now immortal)

User Info: Edge_9999

6 years ago#5
Thanks all.

Great advice. I'm at level 12 now and the summoning tree has been pretty good. Nothing spectacular, but it has helped.

Thanks again!

User Info: zICEz

6 years ago#6
As a healer. You WANT, YOU NEED SOUL WELL and BOON of SOULS! I have not used watcher untill recently because of the new update. Soul well is BEASTTTTT everytime something dies. Your whole group all 8 heals for over 300 a person... plus it ticks with small heals over time PLUS!!!! it boost Crits to your team. Your DPS will love you for Soul wells. They gain a Might buff from it. Soul well and Circle of protection are the most beast combo heals over time ever. best part is you do not have to pop another heal untill another 15 seconds from cool down. Boon of souls will protect you in squishy times. As far as that i dont even use Pets in DPS stance.

My PVE Loadout Healer, Rejuvenate, Soul well, Circle of Protection, Watcher, Boon of Souls, Transcendence

Transcendence will make you invincible and crit heal your whole team depending on your restoration.

My PVP Healer, Rejuvenate, Soul Well, Circle, Weapon of destiny, Boon of souls vengeance

in pvp....your best weapon as a healer is debuffing a tank. Thats why i use the weapon of destiny/Vengeance combo which is a cheap way of getting around the supercharge that turns people into doggs. When you do that you pretty much make a tank useless for about 5 seconds. IF the whole team can manage to get to him fast enough he will drop.

you can also use the condemned/ wraith combo which does the same but its slower....

i'll leave my DPS loadout at rest.Just know in dps.... Final nasty.....It hits HARD!!
i Don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die
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User Info: zICEz

6 years ago#7
i dont know about lightning but be very friendly with your nature healers. they have carnage and hivemind which boost the teams crits. If they throw these two up stacked with your soul wells. Damage, heals and power will be outrageous
i Don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die
XBLGT/PSN: g0dly ice You are being Recorded

User Info: zegram33

6 years ago#8
kinda a hijack but: what does soul well actually do?
i know that it gives extremley minor DoT in dps stance and heals over time in the healer stance, but it is minor to the point of "15" for me (or always was)
whats this about kills making it group heal?

User Info: Lum_the_Mad

6 years ago#9
First off Soul well has a refresh time of about 15 seconds, and last for about 1-2min. I've never timed it but it seems to last forever and I can get at least 3 active soul wells going at the same time. They do not seem to stack, at least in any way that I can notice but they do cover a larger area and help keep the party healed at all times.

The healing scales up with your restoration, which is something you can only start to improve once you get type specific gear. You might find a few pieces in some alerts but for the most part it's something your going ignore until level 30. Any ways when I first got soul well I healed for about 5-7hp and now at level 30 with maybe a few pieces of healer gear I heal for 15-24 and critical for twice that about 1 in ten times.

The specfics is that a soul well heals any ally withing a certian radius about twice per second. This includes your party, allied hero's who are not in your party and even non player characters who might be helping you out like some security guards, amazons or the Teen Titans.

The second effect, is one most summong abilities share, is that if anything dies you get a red soul aura which does different things based upon your stance. In healer mode it now gives me and everyone in the party about 115 power and 184 Hp, every time something dies. Additionaly there are abilities that use that red soul aura to enchance your other powers. Boon of Souls for instance ( a shield spell) either hurts attacking enemies in DPS stance or heals your allies (I think) when in healer stance if you have a red aura.

It's uncofirmed but I have had party members say my Soul well heals their power some as well but I'm not sure. If it does, it does not heal your own power however as mine never goes up just by standing hear it.

In comparision the destiny path grants you a golden soul aura that raises your critical healing chance by 10% and you can actually have both red and gold at the same time. Circle of protection is a pretty useful spell and heals for about 3 times as much HP as the soul well does. Compared to my 15-24hp soul well my circle of protection is doing 75-84 or so HP on regular heals per tick. The circle is also a Healing over time effect that moves with the party, so even if they leave the intial area the spell was cast they will still be healed.

The downside is ofcourse is that the circle of protection does not last half as long, i'd be suprised if it lasted 15 seconds.

The summoned watcher is pretty awesome in that dude now heals me, my party and random non player allies for around 284 hp as much as long as his power last. He can take a decent hit and even attacks to a small degree. It should be noted however that he does attack what you attack and if you have a ranged weapon he will float right up to the monster and attack, this could bring down some unwanted attention to you. The great thing is if he dies, you just summon another and he has full power and health once again. The watcher is very attentive of nearby allied HP and it is a nice safety net to fall back on to keep your party alive so not everything rides on your own observations and reaction times.
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User Info: bn137

6 years ago#10
(drools) lots of useful information i am saving this post
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