RacePro vs. Games with good ratings

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User Info: Chronic_Apathy

9 years ago#1
This isn't a troll topic, bear with me here. It's no secret that RacePro gets (at best) average reviews. I'm personally not a racing fan, but my dad is, and he has this game and games like Forza and GRiD, and he loves this game. So I'm just wondering, in a fight between this game and racing games that are "popular", which one would you guys rather play?
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User Info: acmarttin

9 years ago#2
You kind of unwittingly answered your own question. IMO this game is superb and is everything I've ever wanted in a console racer, for the fact that it is true to its die-hard GT racing fan base. If you're lukewarm towards the sport I'm sure you'd have more fun with a game like GRID, as it's purely arcade with a GT racer's clothes on. So I'm sure that's why your dad loves it so much, since he's a racing buff.

I love it, love it, love it. More than any other console racer to date.

User Info: utorde

9 years ago#3
This is definitely the best racer ever on a console. This is coming from someone who loves all racers from pure arcade to full simulation, I enjoy them all for what they are. If I just had to pick one racing game though, it would definitely be this one, even with all of the problems and glitches it has. No big deal, i'm sure most, maybe all of them will be patched and then it will without a doubt be the best racer to ever hit any console. Of course the people who only want and/or can only play arcade racers will not enjoy this very much, but then again, you can turn on all of the assists and play with people who also use all of the assists and it would probably handle like an arcade racer.

As far as reviews go. Can't trust them, can't go by them. Seems reviewers only give good reviews to games they like and are good at. If they don't like it or are no good at it then they give them sub-par reviews. A good reviewer should just talk about the game and tell what they see of it, don't down talk it just because they're no good. Yeah, I read reviews, but just to get some info about a game, never let them be my decision on whether to buy or not. There's been way too many games that got bad reviews that I totally enjoyed, also been a bunch that got great reviews and I thought were horrible games or maybe good games but just not my cup of tea (Halo, Gears, Oblivion, PGR, Burnout, just to name a few). So see, you just gotta try and read between the lines when it comes to reviews.
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