Infallible AI? Maybe not!

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User Info: CHEN255

9 years ago#1

Great clip! Fishtailing then over onto the roof, courtesy of some fellow AI.

User Info: allnamestaken

9 years ago#2
Incredibly awesome mate! Like I posted on the video, I've seen them screw up off the starting line, but never anything like that.

Was that your video?

User Info: XboxPhenom15

9 years ago#3
Awesome clip! I've had the AI crash a few times on their own but I haven't seen one mess up under braking like that before...that was great !
Rip the system!

User Info: CHEN255

9 years ago#4
No, not mine, I should have pointed that out.
Found it on youtube and was so impressed I had to share it. It is quite spectacular. So many people have said the ai never makes mistakes, well this is a good one.

User Info: impl0sion

9 years ago#5
thats awesome.

User Info: Satanshelper

9 years ago#6
I've seen that happen a few times. The best time was on Macau, I was about 5th and coming into the 3rd corner I was 2nd, with #3 right along side, the he lost it coming into the 2nd part of T3 and cut off the whole road. What ensued was absolute mayhem, some of which I caught in my mirror. I didn't see anyone 3rd or worse for the whole race since he had made a roadblock there.

User Info: Super_Tom

9 years ago#7
Holy crap, now that's fishtailing!
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