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User Info: Boomslangnz

9 years ago#1
I would like to see

-Safety Car....old simbin games had it...why not this??
-24 Hour Races with Dynamic weather and Day/Night cycle...old simbin games had this too....why not this?
-Something which shows my bloody fuel left so i can pit when i feel the need.
-Pit Crew talking to me telling me stuff i wanna hear
-Something which shows my tyre wear (maybe just the pit crew telling me this stuff)
-Oil Spills on track and random mechanical failures

User Info: gouger32

9 years ago#2
Cool ideas, and would be nice.

My idea would be to have an option to move the camera forward a bit in cockpit view like they did with Race 07 (not sure if the other SimBin games did this or not). Since the d-pad is pretty much unused, that or the back button.

Hopefully we will see some additions with future patches.
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User Info: allnamestaken

9 years ago#3
Yeah the lack of a fuel gauge was pretty negligent wasn't it? I was in an online race and was told my fuel was low with two laps to go, I had no idea whether to pit or not. I decided to try and race it out and luckily managed to finish.

User Info: dark_minun

9 years ago#4
Pylons or something to mark which way I'm not supposed to go on the tracks which come to a fork with anywhere from 2 to 4 roads leading away from me and absolutely no indication of where I'm supposed to go. I really want to be able to run these tracks without the suggested line, but don't have the time to memorize what is essentially a maze.
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User Info: johnsmet

9 years ago#5
Id just really really want them to fix all the bugs... That would make my day. Esp. online..

User Info: oneofthefall

9 years ago#6
The option to add more laps to the career mode would be nice because 2 laps just doesnt feel like a Racing Career in my opinon! and a option in game settings to change the FOV ( Field of View) in cockpit view, because it feels like the steering wheel is miles away sometimes when inside the cockpit!
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