Message from Atari about online problems

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User Info: allnamestaken

9 years ago#31
Online play, as it is right now is pretty broken. Time trial leaderboards are messed up completely, with the fast lap glitches, and player and ranked matches constantly drop you. It's a little better with less people in the room, but I D/C a lot even with less than 8 racers.

User Info: Thorpe

9 years ago#32
I'm not a liar. I've got all the online achievements now anyway. Not one single problem.

User Info: XboxPhenom15

9 years ago#33
I have raced 3 or 4 races in the past 2 days online without incident...and they were all pretty good. Of course I didn't have over 6 people in any of the rooms though...
Rip the system!

User Info: tiger8191

9 years ago#34
I have only been able to connect with one race the last 4 days. And it was all screwed up. Going into a turn with no one and boom my car is flipping through the air. Very odd. When it wasn't all laggy and glitchy it was damn fun, so I hope they get this straightened out because I might actually finally rave online. I hate racing online with Forza.

User Info: pachacafe

9 years ago#35
Broken for me too. I've been kicked from every connection I've tried. Bummer.

User Info: CHEN255

9 years ago#36
Please ATARI/SIMBIN, also patch the buggy single player.
2 glaring faults are deleting of career saves and an unlockable Corvette.
There are 4 pages of bugs on the ATARI site.
I'm looking forward to getting this game, and I believe its an absolute blast to play. Its such a shame it was released with so many bugs.
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