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  3. Splash Woman isn't the first female RM.
Cauchys Inequality 11 years ago#11
I was expecting Ring-chan. Don't ask me why.
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User Info: KyoKusanagi

11 years ago#12
Fail. Venus is actually the first.

Although technically she's a stardroid.
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User Info: _Epiclulzz_

11 years ago#13

From: C_razy_monkey | #008
Robot Masters are built to survey an area, and boss around underlings to keep things the way his boss likes.

Roll just...sweeps.

Roll surveys Dr. Light's lab. and bosses around teh DUSTBUNNEHZ to keep things the way Light likes things, neat and dustless.
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User Info: The_CPoC

11 years ago#14
Well, she probably bosses around Eddie and Beat while she's surveying Light's lab and... sweeping it.

User Info: karatsuki

11 years ago#15
She was designed along with the first set of Robot Master, and none of them were supposed to fight either. She's a MASTER-class Robot if I remember correctly, as I believe Mega Man is as well. Roll is the first Female Robot Master.
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User Info: The_CPoC

11 years ago#16
Technically speaking, that's correct... however, she's not the first Robot Master BOSS. But, ya, she is technically a Robot Master.

Wait... now that I think about it, is there any evidence to show that those robots were called Robot Masters prior to having been stolen by Wily? If not, then that's something else to think about.

User Info: TechnoMan

11 years ago#17
A Robot Master is just supposed to supervise the work of lesser machines.

User Info: Arm_Cannon

11 years ago#18
You gotta love how it takes 9 games to finally get a female Robot Master.
Whare as it takes only 4 to get a female maverick XD
(or 3, Since alot of people think Toxic Seahorse is a girl)
I think Infernunu Sharuukuku is better. I could be wrong though. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell a Mijinion is.
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User Info: EnzanChaud

11 years ago#19
Although it's an odd reference, in the Rockman 20th Anniversary Techno Arrange Album, in Elecman's Song. Robot Masters are "Robots that can make decisions off of vague commands and directions." and wikipedia says "Robots given personality quirks like a human that can fool most people into thinking they can think and act of their own accord." "We call the Project Robot Master."

So yes, Roll is both by definition and as a Doctor Light Number worked on under the Robot Master project, a Robot Master.
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User Info: Reptobismol

11 years ago#20
Roll at least manages to be a boss at some point. You get some Roll-on-Roll action if you play as her in MMPU.
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