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  3. Don't understand why most people call the Yakuza games "Japanese GTA"

User Info: Mean_Bob91

9 years ago#1
It's nothing like it. Do people really expect anything and everything where you have a bit of free will to be just like GTA? I never understood it :/

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

9 years ago#2
It's nothing like GTA, but I interpret that expression to mean it's a cultural equivalent.
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User Info: Bustah_Woolf

9 years ago#3
Unfortunately Cyborg, the teenage brats that go and buy this THINKING it's GTA don't care if it's culturally equivalent if they can't pick up hookers, hit old ladies with a car, or go on a murdering spree in the middle of the street.
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User Info: Mean_Bob91

9 years ago#4
^Yes, that is EXACTLY my point. Hell, that may be why the games didn't sell as much as it should have too

User Info: Bigdrudogg

9 years ago#5

that always made me laugh..GTA?? It's not even close.. If anything I'd call it a beat'm up with RPG elements

User Info: scjet

9 years ago#6
The first one was advertised as the Japanese GTA and well that piece of bad advertising stuck, so people who don't know better jump in thinking its a GTA style game and come out very disappointed at the end.
February 29th, 2010
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User Info: mario_pot

9 years ago#7
it's really one of those games you have to experience to understand what it is.
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User Info: Arachkid

9 years ago#8
Unfortunately, people nowadays can't just understand without having it compared to something else, so most websites will automatically compare it to GTA. Not that I don't like GTA, but anyone who goes into this expecting that would be disappointed - although if they gave the game some time - I'm sure they'd enjoy it just fine.

User Info: Panopictonguy

9 years ago#9
Well...this is how I see it.

Final Fantasy = Japanese Dungeons & Dragons

Yakuza = Japanese Grand Theft Auto

The cultural differences can be seen in gameplay elements.

JRPG's play drastically different from WRPG's.

This Genre I guess we can call Crime Sandbox??? idk lol. But yeah GTA is Western Crime Sandbox & Yakuza is Japanese Crime Sandbox...would that fit better?

Even though there's no Grand Theft Auto taking place in the game it's very similar to the series as far as being a freeroam game centered around criminal activity.

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  3. Don't understand why most people call the Yakuza games "Japanese GTA"
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