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User Info: bh7812

11 years ago#1
I respect everyone’s individual opinion and decision on whether to buy or not buy the game. I don’t post on message boards too often but I do feel like I need to post this because I’ll wish later I had.

I see on a few forums there are still some stragglers, holding on angrily to the cuts that w The reality of the situation really is the fate of a whole series is at stake in the West. To re-iterate what I’ve said a few times..The odds of Y3 coming West were 1 in a billion. I had completely given up hope around the time they finally announced it was coming West. When you have two games that sell as poorly as the first 2 did, bringing over the third is a MAJOR risk overall. Somehow, some way we beat those odds and we are 5 days from the English release of Yakuza 3! Tuesday should be a day to celebrate, I know of very few cases where the company gives in and brings the sequel over in cases like this.

But, there is no doubt in my mind or heart this is the series FINAL chance here in the US. If it fails, there will be NO next time. NO second chance to get the series back on it's feet here. I don't want that. I want to see this series finally do good numbers here in the US. I want to see Yakuza 4 make it over.

So, to the stragglers still hanging to the issue it boils down to this. Take the next few days, take a deep breath, calm down and really think this through. Are you truly willing to miss out on what will surely be an excellent third installment of a truly great series over the cuts? and also, are you really willing to stay angry over this rather than celebrate the victory of getting Y3 to the US? We all want the same thing..for the series to finally do well here and finally get on it's feet. The ONLY way that's going to happen though is to buy the game. After you've bought it if you don't want to open it for a while and remain angry over the cuts, fine. If you truly do not want the game after the cuts, then keep the pre-order and buy it for someone who WILL enjoy it because more than likely they'll love it and recommend the series to their friends. The BEST way to deal with this is to buy the game and THEN keep pushing for the stuff to get added back if it truly upsets you. Can you truly be ok with not supporting a great series and just let it die here? I'm not willing to let the series die here, that's why I'm buying the game on Tuesday

I have to believe and have faith every last one of the stragglers still angry over this will, albeit grudingly and probably grumbling, will come through next week and buy the game. Keep the series alive here in the US, please. Celebrate on Tuesday, not be angry over these cuts. This is truly the last chance everyone. The series needs your support NOW. It will be too late to stop being mad and change your mind several months from now

Celebrate on Tuesday everyone, we beat the 1 in a billion odds and are getting Yakuza 3! In my heart, us getting this game is nothing short of a true miracle. We should be literally throwing a party and shooting off damn fireworks!

So..I'll be there on Tuesday...hopefully at Midnight picking this up along with Final Fantasy 13. It's decision time people. A series like Yakuza is rare and truly deserves the support. Now is the time to stand up and give it the support it needs. Now is the time to help it get on it's feet here. Complaining for DLC should come AFTER supporting it if you are still angry.

User Info: Modest_Modsoul

11 years ago#2
Good for you.

I hope you'll enjoy Yakuza 3 because it's a great game from an amazing series in my opinion.

I still on my "upset" mode by the time I posted this, unfortunately...

Hoping that it would calmed down prior to the release date.

I wanted Yakuza 4 & Kenzan as much as all of us.

But I throw away those called "hopes" & "dreams" to released it in English... : (

Let alone the "guarantee" that SEGA wont make the same mistakes over & over again......... >___>
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User Info: ILoveNastya

11 years ago#3
Great post, bh7812!

User Info: Mean_Bob91

11 years ago#4
I made a topic not too long ago on both Sega forums on on here about me not being able to decide on buying or not buying the game.

Check'em out.

User Info: vormis

11 years ago#5
I am definitely getting it!

I don't think many of the people on this board understand the business aspects of video games. The continuosly feel entitled to everything.

Being a huge Sega and especially a Sega Dreamcast fan, this is second nature to me. Shenmue II which I paid $80 to import because Sega didn't localize it here. I am more than happy to pay $55 to Gamestop for Sega's effort to bring this game over! While I am never happy that content is cut, I am really looking forward to the experience and appreciate that Sega is trying to turn things around.

Most people don't see this but Sega is on it's way up. I understand people on this board have 578 reasons why Sega sucks and Sega spits on their customers, etc. Well, I am extremely happy that Sega gave me Sonic, the Dreamcast, the Sega CD, Jet Grind Radio, Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, Skies of Arcadia - the list goes on.

My preorder is paid in full and I am really excited.

User Info: AsmodeanBT

11 years ago#6
Celebrate on Tuesday everyone, we beat the 1 in a billion odds and are getting Yakuza 3!

Actually, we're getting the "Whatever's-left-of-Yakuza-3-after-SEGA-removes-the-things-we're-too-stupid-to-understand" editition.

I'm not supporting censoring.
Prejudice is a great time saver. It enables you to form opinions without bothering to get facts.

User Info: Seishoujyo

11 years ago#7

"Whatever's-left-of-Yakuza-3-after-SEGA-removes-the-things-we're-too-stupid-to-understand" editition.

It's like sort of a new collector right ? So we have 2 editions of the game normal collector and a new special edition of Yakuza 3 just for all of the Sega and Yakuza fans, sounds funny 8)

User Info: GTC0

11 years ago#8
Totally agree with ya TC. I have been trying to say the same since this happened and I still think everyone beyond maybe a few of the most hardcore (we all know who they are) will buy because it is still an awesome game.
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User Info: kamikaze135

11 years ago#9

From: bh7812 | #001
'll be there on Tuesday...hopefully at Midnight picking this up along with Final Fantasy 13

^^ This is all you had to say >_>
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User Info: vormis

11 years ago#10
At this point, all of the anger is just a fad. I don't think that 95% of these people even heard of the game before seeing the information regarding the cuts.
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