Im Stuck On Death Peak

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User Info: amandelx

7 years ago#1
Ok, Ive read every FAQ and the sad thing is Im on my second play through of the game. I cannot figure out or remember how to get up through the first area of death peak. Im sorry if this is a frequently posted topic but Im stuck and getting very irritated at this game. Everything says "run north" but I keep getting blown off the mountain and there are no trees or dolls in the first area. If anyone could please help me through the most irritating part of this ENTIRE game I would greatly appreciate it.

User Info: LBoksha

7 years ago#2
Who told you to go up Death Peak? :-/
You try to run away. But there's no escape! The enemy tries to run away. But there's no escape!

User Info: Rocky2418

7 years ago#3
Sorry for your frustration. Well, an important starting question is this: Are you near the beginning of the game or the end? If this is your first trip to the year 2300, you can't do Death Peak yet. I'll assume you know that, and that you're much later in the game. As you know, you need to go up Death Peak in order to "recover" a certain party member (spoiler-free). Have you gone into the Keeper's Dome, where you got your "vehicle" earlier? The Nu in the back room tells you that you need a few things before he will provide the Poyozo dolls that you need to go up the mountain. You need a certain item from the man at the End of Time, and you need a clone (doll) of your lost party member. The latter is the item many people miss getting. You can get it by playing the Norstein Bekkler game (Tent of Horrors) at the Millennial Fair in the year 1000. Play the 40 Silver Point game - even if you lose, I think you can still get the prize from him given the importance of your mission. Once you have it, go back to the Keeper's Dome and talk to Nu, and he will supply the 3 Poyozo dolls. Then run up to and talk to the doll in the first Death Peak screen, and he'll turn into a tree or two that you can hide behind whenever the wind picks up, running whenever it dies down (still tricky to do, but with some trial and error you can get past that screen). Hope that helps.
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