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User Info: Ray_d2nerd

11 years ago#1
Hi, since i got this game yesterday i am wondering if a burn deck would be possible.
Ok , i just have beaten Hellgaia, but atm i dont have lots of cards, only 40 % of them.
So now to the basics of burn:
Burn is direct damage, so we are ignoring monsters, maybe remove one or 2 of them, but all in all we are not interested in the enemys deck ( note: there is one Dominator completely immune to burn, think it was second Wise). We get our burn cards fast thanks to extreme draw measures, shoot up the enemy and maybe kill 1-2 monsters on the way.
Since i dont know a lot of cards i just use whatever i have, so if you know better one please let me know.
- 3 bookish sorcerer (tags spaces and gives us one card and a soul)
- 3 arthanity priest (produces cost or souls)
- 3 elven nuns ( same as a.p.)
- 3 magic bolt ( burn)
- 3 firestorm (burn on dominator and creatures)
- 3 memory slip ( 3 card loss on enemy, ouch!)
- 3 unexpected quest ( extreme draw!)
- 3 turn over a new leaf (extreme draw)
- 3 destruction of future ( either remove crap from own deck or finish opponent with 5 damage shuffle)
- 1 janess shadow ( makes those creatures hard to maintain)
- 1 euro shackles ( makes those creatures slow)
- 1 forest dragon ( my strongest critter, has haling + add def +add dam effect)

So since i guess i dont own a lot of cards right now i will play a bit and see if i can evolve this deck, because atm it wins against everyone except hellgaia (there is luck) and the burn immune dominator.^^
Happy to see your comments and advise.
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User Info: Chapenstien

11 years ago#2
I built a burn deck as well. Mine kinda burn stall. I put in 3 obstructive walls and I play ogline ravine. There's a couple of places where it only takes one wall to stop the enemies for a couple of turns. Watch out for the elemental spaces though. Also, get 3 Reversal of Power's. Here's my deck right now, i'm still looking for some other cards:

3-Arthanity Priest
3-Elven Nuns
1-Quiet Water Spirit
3-Magic Bolt
1-Fire Storm
1-Guidance of Dusk
1-Janess' Shadow(Good Idea)
3-Protection of Wind
3-Memory Slip
3-Unexpected Guest
1-Destruction of Future(I need to get more)
1-Winter Preparation
3-Reversal of Power
3-Obstructive Wall

I'll take out the Guidance of Dusk, and maybe a couple of Protection of Wind's once I get some of the other cards I need. I might also switch from Burn/Stall to straight up Burn.
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User Info: FuhFuhFresh

11 years ago#3
The biggest problem will be... (SPOILERS)

the final boss, Arth 2. He's got 45 HP and Regeneration (2 HP / turn). Decreasing the cards in his deck won't work, and neither will repeated Magic Bolts. You need a unit with 6 Def and a lot of power.
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User Info: Chapenstien

11 years ago#4
3 Unexpected Guest and 3 Turn over a new leaf can burn through a deck fast. And Reversal of power will do 6 damage.
There are three kinds of people in this world, the ones who can count and the ones who can't.

User Info: ScienceOfMyth

11 years ago#5
Guys if you work out the gains, Chick Bug is actually better than Arathiny Priest (and he gets good offense if you have mutliples out)

User Info: Chapenstien

11 years ago#6
I finally just got a second chick bug after 130 battles. I like chick bug, it can gain quickly and if they kill it you get a soul. With 3 chick bugs and 3 chick bug curses and you got 6 no cost 10/5 monsters. Of course the would be weak against magic and piercing. Also, you can cycle with winter prep to create more. I know its a little unrealistic but still funny to think about.
There are three kinds of people in this world, the ones who can count and the ones who can't.

User Info: KingofStrangers

11 years ago#7

I've been running a burn deck for a while now and I've had a lot of success with this build. I'm not saying anyone should try it, I just really like this deck and want to share it.

-3 Reversal of Power
-3 Magic Bolt
-2 Firestorm (good for multiple hits at once)
-3 Elven Nun (extra costs, low keep cost, can summon to elemental panels, good to gaining territory on other parts of the map)
-3 Bombnapple (same as above)
-3 Protection of Wind (after my movement is maxed I can boost my units)
-3 Unexpected Guest
-3 Turn Over a New Leaf
-3 Destrcution of Future (hopefully they lose cards they'll need later, when their decks are empty they take 5 more damage)
-2 Winter Preparation
-2 Memory Slip (usually enough to keep their hand mostly empty without wasting space in my hand

So far this is the best balance that I've come up with for these card. I have a very easy time gaining territories since I'm sending my Elven Nuns and Bombnapples all over the map. I always have something to destory enemy units with, I just have to hold off on damaging the Dominator for a bit sometimes. Plus, with all of the drawing and recycling cards I can run through my deck pretty fast and get back all the cards I need over and over again pretty quickly.

Of course, from time to time I have a dry spell where I have an empty hand for a while or I'm not drawing as many cards as I'd like, but as soon as I get back up to speed I deal out damage very fast. The only Dominator this deck can't beat is Wise 2, for obvious reasons. Even against Arth though, this deck can deal out damage quickly enough to bring him down eventually.

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