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User Info: jkenn58

12 years ago#1
I just received this from EA concerning this topic/ patch.

Thank you for contacting Rock Band warranty support.

.I have been researching this issue a bit and it would seem that perhaps Microsoft may have released the microphone a bit pre-maturely. There was supposed to be a patch coming out that would allow compatibility with all wireless microphones including the Lips mic, but Microsoft appears to have released the mic before such a patch has had a chance to be released. The original release of the microphone was supposed to coincide with the release of Beatles Rock Band , (9/09), but the mic was released around the middle of last month instead. Below is a link to a forum that discusses this on www.rockband.com;


I would imagine a patch will be released on or around 9/9 to allow the Microphones to work. I'm very sorry for any inconvenience and hopefully Harmonix and Microsoft get this straightened out very soon. If you have any further questions or concerns Joseph please let me know. Thank you very much!

EA Customer Support


User Info: Maze1125

12 years ago#2
Here's hoping that the patch will include the stars update.

User Info: jadenguy

12 years ago#3
i bet is what i bet is this: they are are going to try and add as many GH5 improvements as they can.

User Info: Robtcee13

12 years ago#4
Pretty sure that it was intended to be released with TB:RB since it was ever announced.
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User Info: xVforVendettax

12 years ago#5
Yay! slider notes! lol

User Info: Burn_Piano_Isle

12 years ago#6
I'm glad I saw this topic. I thought I wasn't doing something right trying to connect my mic to the controller.

User Info: InsomniaGoddess

12 years ago#7
The wireless microphones will come in handy. No more wires, you can move around freely without tripping on cords, and it will simply feel more like a band. I've been waiting for this update for a while now... so I can't wait!
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User Info: 50inchDLP

12 years ago#8
(message deleted)

User Info: Izemann

12 years ago#10
What star fix?
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