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User Info: simpsons10

12 years ago#1
Most of Npeaen's videos on YouTube have been removed and when you try and click on his name a message comes up that says: This account has been suspended. This is ridiculous! Pretty annoying...... I wanted to see the new songs..

User Info: GamerErman2001

12 years ago#2
Dammit. That sucks. I always checked him out if I was curious about new DLC.

User Info: simpsons10

12 years ago#3
I know--this is horrible news of which I am sad to be the bringer-of to GameFAQs. Let's all have a moment of silence for the awesome job Npeaen did up until YouTube screwed him.

User Info: Wrldindstries30

12 years ago#4
he's been suspended before
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User Info: Cyan_of_Doma

12 years ago#5
Seriously? That's a damn shame. Maybe he'll find a way to come back, like some of the other people on Youtube did. I sure hope so, I looked forward to seeing his previews every week. I certainley bought more DLC than I would have thanks to his videos.

User Info: haxz0rzz

12 years ago#6
Go to Corporalgregg2's channel. Way better, full band, and HD. That's what I always use.

User Info: Droid_Humper

12 years ago#7
Haha, pwnd
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User Info: Silv3rfox

12 years ago#8
When will this youtube madness end? It's seriously getting ridiculous now and do WMG not even see that this will lead to a loss of profits for them.
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User Info: piggins411

12 years ago#9
What the hell man?!!?!?!?! I'm loyal to Npean. This cannot stand! Do you think he'll be able to come back soon?
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User Info: iammaxhailme

12 years ago#10
Did the bands that came out today belong to WMG?
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