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  3. I really love BDSM, but are the red hot chili peppers all that fun on Rock Band?

User Info: frofrodajimyboy

12 years ago#1
I think the album contains some of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' best work, but I'm not totally sure I'd want to buy it on Rock Band yet; it's just that for the most part, the songs sound like they'd be extremely repetitive and no fun on anything except vocals, and fun is more important to me than the sound in this game. Any thoughts?

User Info: SirPinkwood

12 years ago#2
you made me laugh

User Info: Soul Reaver4

Soul Reaver4
12 years ago#3
Gee, I wonder if that typo in the topic title was intentional or not...
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User Info: thefinal7

12 years ago#4
I'm gonna go with intentional.
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User Info: Okay_Computer

12 years ago#5
Well.. I like where this is going. -digs out whip and ****-ring-
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User Info: xDrag0nr1derx

12 years ago#6
Trust me, most of the album is awesome and something different on all of the instruments. RHCP brought some much needed funk to this game with BDSM.
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User Info: Julian50

12 years ago#7
The bass is epic.
Also: Best Typo Evar. Intentional or not.
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User Info: nicknicknick333

12 years ago#8
it is really good
Bro, your story is cool

User Info: SirPinkwood

12 years ago#9
you can say that harmonix had to torture rhcp to get this album as DLC

User Info: mycarsonfire121

12 years ago#10
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  3. I really love BDSM, but are the red hot chili peppers all that fun on Rock Band?
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