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  3. How did this game sell 22,000 units in it's first week. It's not even out!?!

User Info: zeldofreako

11 years ago#1
According to VGchartz, which I know can not be the most reliable place, this weeks sales puts Arc Rise Fantasia at an opening of 22,000 (which is actually pretty low), but the game's not even out yet. I know it's original street date was 6-22-10, and that may be what VGchartz is basing this on, but how, are they just pulling that number out of their buttocks. It's not out right!?!?

Japanese version? I don't know, just throwing it out there. </sarcasm>
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User Info: JRPG

11 years ago#3
lol it does say US copies!! hmm
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User Info: ImAPoetDude

11 years ago#4
And more than half of those sold copies were returned. But they'll never actually say that. >_>;

(at least that's what I'd like to tell myself)

User Info: Moranite

11 years ago#5
From what I've heard, VG Charts is never right...
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User Info: Yusuke001

11 years ago#6
Maybe that's how many preorders it has? I don't know, only thing I can think of.

User Info: Xyphas

11 years ago#7
must be, i really hope this game is successful, even if ignition messed up the voice work, the actual game is great

User Info: talesfan215

11 years ago#8
You consider 22,000 in it's first week to be little? Some companies don't even sell that much in a year.

User Info: Kouli

11 years ago#9
Exactly. This is third party, and non-famous rpg, and on the wii? 22k is like, great number if you take those into consideration.
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User Info: rebullet13

11 years ago#10
Third parties do good, Square enix say hi. I agree with the rest i suppose.
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  3. How did this game sell 22,000 units in it's first week. It's not even out!?!
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