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User Info: longlivemegaman

12 years ago#1
Well... I got this game today and I am amazed how good of a job Hal did with it! I am here to tell all about the different things I've seen Stone Kirby transform into...

Old ones:

Traditional stone with Kirby's face
8 ton weight
Stone with a star in the middle
Strong Guy Pose
Golden Samus Statue (this one is rare)
Golden Mario Statue (this one takes awhile... He has one fist up instead of his peace sign)
Kirby statue (with a new sprite)

New Ones:

Rick The Hamster Statue
Kine the Fish Statue
Coo the Owl Statue
Big Blue Square shaped Kabu
Golden HAL logo
Mario Brick Block
Blue Volcano?!?
Silver Master Hand Trophy (fist is punching downward)

If anyone see any new transformations that I missed feel free to post them here...
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User Info: Azure42893

12 years ago#2
not a new transformation, and I could be wrong, but...isn't KSSU's Strong Man pose different than in KSS?

User Info: Aitherion

12 years ago#3
The Blue Volcano is Mt. Fuji.
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User Info: Jtt410

12 years ago#4
Yeah the pose is different, BUT it did exist in Kirby Superstar, me and my friend found it by accident, normally the strong man statue is flexing with both fists practically connecting him just under his chest and off to the side, but IF you get that form while on a slant, (or if the other player pushes the statue onto a slanted surface) the pose changes to the one in this game. It was awesome watching actually change pose without re-transforming.
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User Info: longlivemegaman

12 years ago#5
That makes alot more sense... I should of guessed that it was Mt. Fuji but it shocked me the first time I saw it... Thank you for clarifying that for me.
Greetings from the Mushroom Kingdom!

User Info: Azure42893

12 years ago#6
Oh yeah...That's right. Forgot about muscle man changing forms while sliding...Now I remember that.

User Info: thebigbrain64

12 years ago#7
When you absorb the ROCK ability, you can transform into a multitude of things. Here is a list of everything(that I know of)that u can tranform into:

Realtively Common Forms
rock(with eyes)
star rock
Downward fist
8 tons
Kirby statue

A Bit Rare
tiki head
muscular swimsuit guy
Owl(has a name)
Fish(has a name)

HAL Laboratory symbol
(that's all I've uncovered)

(If you have any other forms to point out, please do)
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User Info: WickedRogue

12 years ago#8
Theres a video of Mario and Samus somewhere on Youtube from the SNES version but someone should add these on there for the new ones, would be great to see them all.
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User Info: Plasdurock

12 years ago#9
Yep! I can confirm these transformations! I've run into all but the Hal sign.
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User Info: Plasdurock

12 years ago#10
the blue square is an enemy called Thudd. (I belive it's that name) It's from Kirby's Canvas Curse.
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