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  3. Why does everyone say the PC controls are crappy?

User Info: TimberWolf_CLT

10 years ago#21

My biggest complaint is the the key mapping abilities.

I'm left handed and don't use WASD, however the game won't any mapping to the arrow keys A number of other commonly-used keys aren't allowed either.

There's really no excuse for this. Reading the PC keyboard was figured out 20 years ago...


User Info: KelsieKatt

10 years ago#22
The aiming is rock solid, IF you disable Vsync. With Vsync enabled on the other hand, the mouse slides around a lot and skips frames. In short, DON'T use Vsync on Dead Space.

User Info: waxking1

10 years ago#23
I really wanted this game but I decided to wait because of the copy protection and the control issue. Good thing is that I've already ordered FarCry2 from STEAM and won't be worried about Dead Space after tomorrow. The copy protection wouldn't bother me if you got the install back after doing an unintall, but my understanding is this game has a max of 5 installs.
I play games using a projector and tearing is a big problem on a large screen. Without Vsync enabled most every game I've tried is almost unplayable because of the tearing. Maybe the price will drop some by the time I finish FC2 and some of the other new games being released in the next couple of weeks.

I'll keep watching this board for more feedback and if the game seems like it is really good then I might not be able to resist.

User Info: KelsieKatt

10 years ago#24
Hmmm, that's sucks :\ I haven't actually noticed any tearing yet, although that can vary depending on the screen and set up, so who knows.

User Info: Spikedhelm

10 years ago#25
So I bought the Xbox360 version, because
1. Came out first
2. .... Came out first
3. The Pc's bad controls etc etc
4. .... It came out first....

Anyhow, for those of you who have not bought it, it is a VERY good game, if you like survival horror shooters, it is AMAZING.
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User Info: Mal_Ganus123

10 years ago#26
Its a very good game. On the PC I have no problems with the control, everyone complaining about it just don't understand that it was intended by the developer to be slow (aiming wise), but there's always the sensitivity option, so no one should be complaining.

Honestly, if people would try things out for themselves before agreeing on reviews by people they don't know IRL, they'd probably actually have a hell of a lot more experiences to talk about.

User Info: imprezawrx500

10 years ago#27
isn't it a shooter? then controller can not be better

User Info: KelsieKatt

10 years ago#28
Mal_Ganus123 posted...
everyone complaining about it just don't understand

They aren't complaining about the controls, they're complaining about the laggy mouse problems from Vsync. They think it's how the controls are supposed to be and don't realize Vsync is causing it.

User Info: Viper114

10 years ago#29
When I installed the game and first fired it up, the mouse response time really was bad. By turning off VSync and setting the Mouse Sensitivity up to max, that problem is gone. Try it out.
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10 years ago#30
FYI ... I too find the controls fine. I will say that the vsync issue does appear to be an issue as I turned it off and experianced smoother mouse movement. Sensitivity was never a problem, at least for me.
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