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User Info: malmeida

10 years ago#1
I know about allocating 6 points in two attributes at a time to maximize the important attributes. I was just wondering how far that should go.
For example, I am a CF and allocated 6 points on speed (or velocity; don't remember the specific name right now). My velocity is 95 and acceleration is 84. Should I keep going some more or change the attribute (going to power, perhaps, or dribbling maybe)?
And what would you consider most important for a CF to focus on in the future?
Thanks for the tips.
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User Info: alph4boy

10 years ago#2
I think any stats in the 80's and 90's are very good anyway. I would start putting some points on others to be honest, for me the control and response of the player is very important too and lets not forget passing and shooting!

But all said and done its down to personal pref and how you want your "legend" to behave :)
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User Info: 6leopard6

9 years ago#3
you may wish to keep pushing your speed up. there's a huge bonus in ability when you increase from 95-96 in any rating. then a bigger one from 96-97 and so on. these bonuses are much more noticeable than the difference from 88-89 for example.

i grabbed obinna early in a master league setup and got him to a 98 speed and accel. he's stupid fast. the computer can't handle his speed and it makes it seem like an arcade game. i rarely play him now because it makes the game less fun. but i just wanted to see how dominant he would be. and he's dominant. i have other great strikers even with 95 speed or in contrast excellent shooting ratings, but obinna and his 98 speed double their production in much less time.

therefore, if it's your desire to get your guy to be simply dominating - at the risk of being too good - i'd stick with the speed/accel increases. you'll get to loose balls with surprising ease and you'll be able to steal passes from defenders. you'll also be able to run around defenders with no problem. if this is what you want, go for it.

User Info: 6leopard6

9 years ago#4
what's the most important for a CF?

hmm. i always prefer shooting power. definitely my number 1 concern when looking for a CF. but again, if a player has a rating 96 or higher in almost any category, he will be very successful. the way i play, shooting accuracy doesn't benefit me tremendously. if i had a CF with a 97 shot acc, but mid 70s everywhere else, i would not dominate. same with body balance and response. these things assist a great striker but don't create one on their own (in my playing style at least) but a 97 in shot power, speed or dribble acc probably can. my favorite striker would be:

body balance high 80s
response 80s
speed 80s
dribble accuracy low 90s
shot acc 80s
shot power mid to high 90s
techniques 80s

the higher dribble accuracy lets me work some free space at the top of the box and the high shot power lets me score from there. shot accuracy must be good enough when shooting from here. the other attributes simply make controlling the player easier and allow him to gain more balls and loose less.

i've never been able to master headers in this version so i don't worry that much about those ratings. i like to play with a CF and a couple SS or wings or two CF and one SS so therefore i appreciate an ability to pass the ball as well from most of my CFs. high 70s is usually enough.
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