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User Info: Sqube

10 years ago#1
So I've just started a new Master League and I used the default players that the game provides, out of curiosity.

Are there any hints for, you know, actually being able to win games with this group? So far as I can tell, every team that you play is better than you are at every single position, and it's not even approaching fun. If it's going to be like this for more than, say, half a season, I don't understand why anyone does this at all.

As always, thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

User Info: Rikuide_Furame

10 years ago#2
I quite enjoy starting from scratch and building a team but to each his own I guess. First off, give plenty of playing time to Ettori and Guitierrez (sp?) as they both develop into good players. If you want any success, you'll need to play as team so keep the ball and move it around. Try to use simply passes as many of your players will have low stats in this regard. Wait for your opening and then play in your striker(s) for the goal.

Use the one-two pass and switch sides to open up defences and create space for your slower players. And then when it comes to the transfer window sign up some talent and maybe make a loan deal or two.
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User Info: Lord of Little

Lord of Little
10 years ago#3
I usually start off with the default team, and they are pretty bad.

It's a good idea to have a look at the players stats to see what they can and can't do. Most of them have at least one area they are good in, and one that they are very bad in. If you know the formation you want to play then you'll need to pick the players to suit the formation (ie; the faster players if you are going to play WF's)

Another thing to check is their growth curves, quite a few are already declining at the start of the game, so at best they will fall gradually, some will start to plummet. If you plan on keeping some of the default players long term, it's best to see which ones will actually get better.
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User Info: pes_sensei

10 years ago#4
I focus on defense. If you don't concede, you don't lose. It may sound negative but pays off for me as I'll explain. I have five at the back, one up front and four midfielders. I aim to let them attack me and catch them on the counter attack. Or leave my players knackered, until the end, then bring on some fast players(there's a few) and a decent header of the ball to pump crosses in and long balls. Obviously play the ball about a lot, not conceding possession easily. Practice set pieces - a lot. You'll get quite a few goals from set pieces if you practice, and if youhave a packed midfiend and defense, a goal is a win.
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