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  3. Who is the hottest NFS babe?

User Info: LegendaryBadass

13 years ago#1

Brooke Burke, Josie Maran, or Maggie Quigley?

My vote is with Josie. Also, if you follow the trend, Maggie will be on Dancing with the Stars someday

User Info: gm914

13 years ago#2
Josie. I still re-create her RX-8 in every nfs game, even UG2. I will do the same un UC.

I don't rate the other girls that much, and you didn't mention Emanuelle Vejayjay.
She was forgettable anyway. We need a hot chick like Megan Fox or Evangeline Lilly next nfs...
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User Info: LegendaryBadass

13 years ago#3
Yeah I forgot about her, but her game was better than ProStreetwhichdidn't involve much in the way of streets.

User Info: Cyborg_Mantis

13 years ago#4
I liked that Australian girl from ProStreet...
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User Info: LegendaryBadass

13 years ago#5
Here name is Krystal Forscutt, I recall her being in the print ads, but not actually the game. Granted I didn't play much of that garbage. For the record, her obvious implants are too... shall I say an obvious disqualification.

User Info: julz091

13 years ago#6
krystal is the bomb. im from aus n when she was on the cover of Ralph.. omg. wow. incredibly massive boobs. i mean massive.. she was the ultimate. especially as she was only 19
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User Info: R8CCXVeyron

13 years ago#7
Josie Maran, Maggie Q, and Christina Millan. :D
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User Info: STi_2_DIE_4

13 years ago#8
I'm from Australia too and and i gotta admit when i see her on mags she clearly shows that she is the hottest out of all the NFS babes.
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User Info: DancingShadow08

13 years ago#9
whoever "Mia" was in MW, then ill go with brooke burk (something about her having 5 kids and still looking that hot) , then Maggie Q, then "Nicky" from carbon.
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User Info: SonicDBZRacer

13 years ago#10
Brooke Burke...
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