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User Info: stevarnM

11 years ago#1
I can answer questions like about stages and stuff, but I can't answer questions about like how to trigger the next story thingy or instructions for extra stages. Hell, i once spent an hour trying to figure out how to end Stein's thingy.

DEATH CITY- Maka tutorial
FOREST - Black star tutorial, boss: Mifune
Pyramid - death the kid tutorial, boss: pharoah thingy
Graveyard - boss: Sid, City - Boss: stein
Church - Boss: crona
London - boss: Free (werewolf)
Temple - Boss: Free, Temple pt 2 - boss crona, temple pt 3 - Final boss: Medusa

Bosses I had trouble on
Free - For the 2nd part of Free's battle, you hafta use maka to reflect his ice bullets back at him then charge in to attack
Crona - I don't know to avoid the random bloody needles, i just run in circles and jump
Medusa - I have no idea how I beat her...I think I glitched her or something. Part 1 is basically her just reciting spells, I usually take that oppurtunity to attack, dk what attack she actually uses. Part 2 she uses vector arrow so that she flies at you, the annoying part is she also puts one on you so that u fly into her. I had to use 3 soul resonance to get pass this. Part 3 involves her using vector arrow. Since i wasted all my SR on part 2, I usually get one hit killed with her arrow attack. But one time I stood near so so that she didnt attack, then somehow used kid at point blank range to do constant 1 hits, and after a few mins I was able to bring her down.

User Info: lucida

11 years ago#2
I don't have the game, was planning to import it...
Having seen the list of stages, it feels so short.

How many hours did it last for you?
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  3. I've actually beat the game O_o (spoilers)
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