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User Info: coudvangirute

11 years ago#1
i dont speak jap but dis looks like a good game will i still no wat 2 do and all dat?

User Info: Rock Dash3X

Rock Dash3X
11 years ago#2
Why play a game in English when it looks like you barely know it.
"A robot killed Grandma."

User Info: DrBanner001

11 years ago#3
LOL!!! So true.
Losers tend to say "this is not what I expected." - Demitri Maximoff

User Info: Darkfortress666

11 years ago#4
This game is mediocre at its best, the graphic is so-so, and the control is not very intuitive.
You're not missing too much in your life if you skipped this game, English or JP.
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