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User Info: Galgurorf

11 years ago#1
Hey soul eater players !

I went through some levels and now I have to face Stein as a BOSS but he keeps blocking every single attack I do, even mega burst...

Any tips ?

Thanks in advance !!!

User Info: _Stdark_

11 years ago#2
BlackStar attacks with the assault of the circle and you change it rapidly to Kid to shoot him.
When he is given birth of the chair you change to Maka and this when of back you attack it.

It is very easy

User Info: Galgurorf

11 years ago#3
Thank you I could beat him easily with your advice ;)

User Info: LuciferusSancti

11 years ago#4
what will i do if he is out of the chair?

sorry i didn't get your english there.


User Info: Galgurorf

11 years ago#5
Yeah the english was not very nice ;p

I'll tell you : Once he leaves his chair, just take maka and run circle around him (a bit far). When he rushes to you, keep on running in circle and get behind him rapidly, and hit him (1hit max).

It will take like 6-7 hits before his life gets down but it's easy.

Tell me if you manage to do it.

User Info: _Stdark_

11 years ago#6
Sorry for the English bad but I am not from USA like that with the little that I manage in English I try to help.

Galgurorf, in which departs from the game these now?
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