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User Info: JesseDymlos

9 years ago#1
I know one person did it but sheesh this is rough. Not that it's too hard but the amount of time needed to spend on them is craaaaazy.....I think the BT creators went a bit nuts

User Info: hdx514

9 years ago#2
well like you said, you just have to put in the time. it's not that bad, compared to, say, completing VP2 50 crystal run.

User Info: Neo_Zeromus_X

9 years ago#3
There's a ton of people who've done it, just look at the leaderboards.

As was said, they're all very time-consuming, but hardly impossible.
"When there's a save point around, ****'s going down." ~ IrrelevantAlex

User Info: JesseDymlos

9 years ago#4
Yes..I must do it!

User Info: sakurayule

9 years ago#5
There's only 1 North-American who has done it.
Everyone else is Japanese.

I plan to be the 2nd American to grab 1000/1000.
...maybe the third. There is a GameFAQs board frequenter who has a lot of Battle Trophies...
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User Info: carnage_panda

9 years ago#6
I think I will stop at 980/1000

I cannot imagine getting Master Battler and Ultimate Battler.

User Info: EnigmaGamer

9 years ago#7
I'm only at 723 trophies(not worth updating the sig over just one) and haven't oplayed in a while. I plan to start playing again a lot more tomorrow.

I'm sure some of you have more trophies than I do though.
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User Info: carnage_panda

9 years ago#8
I'm only at 645 right now. A few of Arumat's are giving me trouble so I'm at 55/80 that I plan to get for him. Then I've got to work Faize up in my universe file from the 40 I have from him.

It's the trophies like get 255 item drops and kill 30,000 enemies that kill me. I think Edge is the worst offender for battle trophies by far. (Except maybe Sarah. The reward for 75 battle trophies makes me wish I had never unlocked it).

User Info: kaich621

9 years ago#9
No one in US has gotten 1000 legitimately; they all cheated.

User Info: carnage_panda

9 years ago#10
#463 worldwide, #104 in America. I somehow don't feel satisfied.
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