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  3. Just got the 13 Pro, is it safer to use the old 5W charger?
DarkProto05 1 month ago#1
The 5W that came with my iPhone 7 would charge it slowly, but I heard it generates less heat and is overall safer than a fast charger.

Is there any truth to this?

Charge time and convenience doesn't matter to me. I just want whatever is healthier for the phone so it can last a long time without any of the parts degrading.

Thanks in advance guys.
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skyMcWeeds 1 month ago#2
I wouldn't really worry about fast charging nowadays it has become so good that heat generation due to charging has become a non-issue unlike when fast charge was still very new tech.

The only real con to fast charging is due to the nature of getting charged fast and getting more usage out of your device, users will tend to cycle through the batteries charge cycles (discharge and recharge) faster than a normal rate.

If you really are worried about your batteries overall health then yes you can use the old charger.
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I don't have an iPhone, but I've disabled all methods of fast charging on my device in an effort to generate less heat and prolong battery health. My phone takes maybe 1.5 hrs to charge from ~30% to full on the slowest charge speed, which is good enough for me. Battery lasts me 2.5-3 days anyway per cycle.
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Lee7 4 weeks ago#4
I used fast charging every night on my old phone, and the battery life was about the same during the two years I used it. Just charge the battery when the phone tells you to, and try to at least charge it to 90% or full and it should last its whole lifetime.

My old phone was xiaomi mi 9t pro and had 27w fast charger. Im currently using iphone 13 regular.
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  3. Just got the 13 Pro, is it safer to use the old 5W charger?
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