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User Info: member1982

3 weeks ago#21
ive used 120Hz since iPad Pro 10.5", i don't even know what all the fuss is about, if apple pencil is improved with 120Hz sure, but iphone doesn't need a stylus, i mean pencil.

i might actually downgrade next year for iPhone 14. no Pros, to see how it is.
by that time the camera tech will be trickering down to 14 haha. And caseless.
i have 12 Pro right now, the phone is way too delicate for me to go caseless, i don't want no scratches haha.
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iMac 5K Core i5 3.5GHz M295X 256GB SSD 24GB RAM.
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: Giarccpsn

3 weeks ago#22
I have 12 Pro Max. Don't need 13.

User Info: ab2c4

3 weeks ago#23
As I posted earlier, I had no plan to upgrade my Iphone 11 to the 13. However, I realized today that with Verizon if I traded in my iphone 11 they would give me the iphone 13 for free. This was pretty much a no brainer so both my wife and I did this deal. The new phones won't ship until Oct 15th but that not a big deal.
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