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User Info: Swordy_McStab

2 months ago#1
For an annoyingly good while of time, my iPhone xr has been nagging me I’m running low on storage. I usually delete some stuff, or offload some apps/games I hardly play. Problem solved, it backs off for a while.

I am pretty much looking for an excuse to upgrade to a new phone and with more space, but 7.54 gb in the other folder seems pretty damn excessive.

If I can delete some stuff from that area or if there is some trick, please let me know.

Completely unrelated, but my past two phones have randomly had screens that just up and decide to dim, no rhyme or reason either. It’ll correct itself later and go to it’s regular brightness setting (I’ve messed with it when this happens, all it seems to do is make it a bit more dim)

Is there a way to knock that off as well? It seems like it carried over from my previous phone to this one, it’s annoying but not really impacting much.

Thanks in advance.

User Info: member1982

1 month ago#2
no, other folder includes system os. and temp files, and that's it.
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User Info: gldoorii

1 month ago#3
Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Size -> Auto-Brightness down at the bottom.


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