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  3. Is the HomePod Mini a good device for elderly people?

User Info: cuh

2 months ago#1
See, my parents are elderly, speak only Spanish, can hardly see, and aren’t tech savvy at all. If they want to listen to a song, they would have to pull up the CD and put it in their speaker, but they don’t actually own a lot of CDs so they stuck to watching Spanish TV which sometimes plays the songs they like.

I figure that since those devices are voice-activated, they may be able to enjoy it and listen to songs they like whenever they want. Has anyone done something like this yet, with someone in your family?

I’m worried that it might backfire and they might have no clue how to use it (like, which “commands” to give), lol.

I hope this makes sense! Do some do you have elderly people in your family who have been able to use a device like the HomePod (or maybe an Amazon Alexa device)?
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User Info: ArabianPenguins

2 months ago#2
I would say from using it that it shouldn’t be difficult for them to use since it is voice activated and you can change the language to your preferred language. The biggest concern I think would be to at it up, which again isn’t difficult, but may be for your parents since you said they aren’t tech savvy. Maybe they can go to a store and try it if it’s allowed? My grandmother may have a smart speaker, but I’m not entirely sure. He is, however, familiar with some of apple’s products tho since she uses them.
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User Info: ksmomof2

1 month ago#3
I got an the home mini and returned it. Sound is ok but the echo show 8 is much better.
You can control on/off and volume on it but that was part of my problem with it.
i hit the top during the night while reaching around it and music started blaring middle of the night.
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  3. Is the HomePod Mini a good device for elderly people?
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