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User Info: srt984

1 month ago#1
Is it possible to block ads(youtube) on an ipad? I tried to look into it but it seems like they at one point allowed ad blockers but then flip flopped and neutered them?

User Info: member1982

1 month ago#2
i dont think you can block the ads on the youtube APP, because no app or extensions can interfere with it.

i would use brave browser that naturally blocks some ads by viewing the youtube website and try best to ignore it going to the app by default haha. The ads are very annoying when i try to listen to long monetized music.
or another browser and use extensions.

another option is of course join youtube premium.
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User Info: Microcastle

1 month ago#3
In the app, no.

You can use the YouTube website via Safari and its content blockers will work to block ads, however the website can feel like a suboptimal YouTube experience in places.

User Info: srt984

1 month ago#4
I tried AdGuard with Safari, it didn't work. Which content blocker should I use?

User Info: GM_

1 month ago#5
srt984 posted...
I tried AdGuard with Safari, it didn't work. Which content blocker should I use?

Did you enable it in all the proper settings in the settings menu? I use one just called Adblock and it's worked fine for years. I literally never see ads on Safari with it.

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User Info: srt984

1 month ago#6
Update: It seems to be working.
Is it that it didn't work because I hadn't opened the AdGuard app? I had enabled it for safari in the settings, but it didn't work until I opened the AdGuard app.
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